Thursday, December 30

Birthday Party for Sean Hannity

Today is Sean Hannity's birthday.
Enjoying your vacation? No one could take your place.
So they got the next best thing: Tucker Carlson.
You suck and Fox news sucks. Your lies and distortions brainwash
less informed people into voting against their own interests,
even against the teachings of their own religion.
Happy Birthday you lying,warmongering, militant, ignorant,
neocon, Bush apologist asshole. May you burn in hell.
Here's your birthday party and choke on your cake!
Apparently your guests don't care too much for Ron Paul or your network either. Happy Birthday Sean!

Wednesday, December 29

Fox compares Assange to a pedophile

Actually they said he is worse than a pedophile. Of course they were unable to name a single person hurt by the leaks, and completely lied about the Secretary of State's position.
How many people have been killed or hurt by Fox news lies?

Projecting again, the Fox propaganda network attempts to smear
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for selling his autobiography.
They conveniently forget about their own sex criminal Bill O'Reilly and his sick
perversions with falafel. (Quote no. 4) Alan Colmes, is easily able to destroy
Bill-O's stunt double, by explaining, that Jualian Assange selling his biography is pure Capitalism.
Why is Fox against free markets and Capitalism? Watch the video. I don't agree with Colmes on Obama calling the Philadelphia Eagles about Michael Vick. As far as I'm concerned, the President should not have wasted his breath on this waste of skin. 19 months for dog torture..too lenient.
H/T to Mox News

Sunday, December 26

Who needs Airliners??

When 14 of the Saudis, yes remember they were Saudis, needed Flight training, they came to Florida. That will be no longer necessary. With the largest arms sale in history going to Saudi Arabia, and U.S. Air Force training the Afghan army in flight operations, more U.S. flight schools will close./snark. It begs the question:
Is selling more weps to the Saudi's and training Afghani's how to fly really compatible with our "War on Terror"?
Is this smart foreign policy?
The ahem "thinking" is this is defense against Iran.

What could go wrong?
All Charlie Wilson wanted to do was train a few mujahideen in C.I.A tradecraft, (treason by definition) and provide them with a few stinger missiles,(also treason by definition), and there was no blow back from that.....right?
What right wingers who worship Ronald Reagan do not ever want to hear:
St. Ronnie and Charlie Wilson created Al-Qaida and the Taliban.

Financial Times has reported that the Gulf Arab states have ordered U.S. weapons systems worth $123 billion “to counter Iran's military power”.
The biggest deal, worth $60 billion, is with Saudi Arabia
No need to hijack a U.S. Airliner when you have 84 F-15's right at home.
If you heard about this anywhere in the MSM, Please let me know.

Friday, December 24

Jimmy Fallon- drunk on christmas

I will again have to sit across from my nephew in law and listen to him spout rightwing talking points, while I try to digest a nice meal.
I will bite my tongue when he tells me yet again how he drinks
vinegar mixed with juice for his health.....
"So that's why you're such a douchebag"
I will refrain from saying. I don't usually drink nor advocate it.
But tomorrow I may have to make an exception.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or happy solstice or whatever.
Try to enjoy the day and remember to give thanks.
Somebody has it worse than you.

Wednesday, December 22

Michael Moore on Rachel Maddow Live

Watch the entire live show. Rachel put me in my place for Obama bashing.
He's gotten a lot done and START looks like it's gonna pass.

"Rachel Maddow reviews the legislative accomplishments
of the past two years in the context of President Obama's
promises and personal priorities, and notes that the next 2 years
will be about defending what they've done from Republicans bent on reversal."

A clip from that show:
Michael Moore on Maddow Live at the 92 St. Y.
Moore explains why transparency is so critical:
We have been very, very naughty.
It's time to turn the lights on.
It's time for journalists to investigate.

Myth Of Reaganomics

You've all seen those cheesy videos you can make at xtranormal.
You know like the broccoli superhero in the Geico commercial?
(It took longer than 15 minutes or less)
Today I was inspired, (a little late since the crappy tax cut deal has passed),
to expose the myth of Keynesian economics, A.K.A. Reaganomics,
trickle down economics, voodoo economics, and as I call it: Bullshit
I also took a shot at some of the "Obama Tax Hike" rhetoric,
that was flying around as the Democrats again let the Rethugs
get away with framing the debate with doublespeak.
So here it is my directorial debut with xtranormal.

Tuesday, December 21

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow - Father O'Blivion #zappadan

Dedicated to Na Shnook of the North - A.K.A. Caribou Barbie
I couple of folks on twitter and on the progblogs have suggested
we ignore and not tweet or retweet about Ms. Palin
Ignoring the problem so it will go away is a Republican approach,
not a Progressive one. I say mock her out of existence.
Don't retreat - retweet and satirize and point out every stupid,
silly, ignorant, hypocritical, nasty or mean thing she has said or done.
Rinse and retweet. Reload and retweet. The rest of you
stick your head in the sand like an ostrich and hope she'll go away.
She is a source of endless humor and a boon to satirists and
comedians everywhere because she is such a joke.
Heckle her off the stage of the media.
Ignore her at your own risk

I used to have this edition Cd. I think it was when Ryko disc owned
the catalog they released this double Cd of Apostrophe/Overnight sensation.
When the catalog was sold you could only get them separately.
From the Apostrophe/Overnight sensation album:
Frank Zappa Don't Eat The Yellow Snow - Father O'Blivion
Happy Zappadan Day 17

Monday, December 20

Frank Zappa - Stairway To Heaven #zappadan

Ah Led Zep's Stairway to Heaven:
a song of my youth that I eventually grew to despise.
It simply wore out from the FM overplay of the '70's.
A song that was banned from even being strummed at the local guitar store
for years until it was replaced with a sign that said "NO ENTER SANDMAN"
With so many passing this week, from Captain Beefheart to Blake Edwards,
I thought it fitting to post this version. FZ does LZ.
Ike Willis's soul, Frank's irreverence
and the horn arrangement, re-energizes a classic.

Happy Zappadan Day 16!! Stairway To Heaven

Sunday, December 19

Frank Zappa - I Don't Wanna Get Drafted

DADT is repealed. Hooray!!
Now, gays can kill, be maimed and die for nothing..openly.
I think we should repeal wars of choice. In an interview/live version Frank explained why he was against the draft. I disagree with him. If we bring back the draft and some of these politicians and the rich have to send their kids over, watch how fast we end this nonsense.

This version of "I Don't Wanna Get Drafted"
is different from the one I'm familiar with.
I like it better. Apparently it's from the boxed set release.
If anyone knows more about this please post.
Happy Zappadan Day 15 I Don't Wanna Get Drafted

Saturday, December 18

Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart - Muffin Man

Yesterday marked the passing of Don Van Vliet A.K.A. Captain Beefheart.
Although I have posted this song elsewhere on this blog. I had to re-post it today in honor of The Captain. I actually think it was fitting for Zappa's "mutually useful but volatile" friend to pass during the holy season of Zappdan. I will not corrupt this post with any politics today. I do want to recommend you check out the Zappa interview with Dick Cavett at Mock, Paper, Scissors. Muffin Man was always one of my favorite Zappa solos and you can hear the Captain doing back up vocals, soprano sax, and madness towards the end of the tune. Now go arrogantly twist the sterile canvas snoot of your fully charged icing anointment utensil and - poot forth!
Happy Zappadan day 14!
Muffin Man

Thursday, December 16

Zappa Plays Zappa - I'm So Cute & Tryin' To Grow A Chin #zappadan day 13

Happy Zappadan Day 13
I was going to post "Trying to grow me a chin" but this ZPZ version
features Terry "Ted" Bozzio. I dedicate this post to President Obama and
the Democrats, who looked so cute, but need to grow a chin and a set
of balls to go with them. They behaved like whiny teenagers all week,
while committing political suicide. Go Dweezil!! One more time for the world!
I'm So Cute & Tryin' To Grow A Chin

Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown - #zappadan Day 12?

With the repeal of DADT in the House, I decided to post,
with some hesitation, "Bobby Brown", from Sheik Yerbouti.
It just seemed appropriately inappropriate.
I support the repeal of DADT, so I hope if you're
gay and hear this you have a sense of humor,
and if you're gay and serving in the Military,
I salute your service. I just want you to come home.
Alive and in one piece.

Frank Zappa definitely did not discriminate.
He saw us

I remember being at a concert for some Rock band,
I don't know if it was Toad-O or not, Ill have to check it out.
But seriously I was at a concert (whose name I will not mention
because I really don't remember) before the show a group of people who had
never met before said event began discussing FZ.
Soon half the stadium was singing "Bobby Brown goes down" acapella.
You had to be there, just a random gathering of Zappa fan's,
and we all knew all the words. Happy Zappadan day 12?
Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown Goes Down

Wednesday, December 15

Frank Zappa - Plastic People #Zappadan day 11

From Absolutely Free released in 1967.
I don't usually care for the older, Mother's stuff.
Recording quality is poor and although there is some funny
and experimental music, I prefer Franks's later stuff.

The political tie in today; is that centrist, moderate liberals,
have been bashed in the media, on blogs, and in the twitterverse.
We are purists. We are too tough on our pragmatic, chess playing President.
"I know it's tough to defend an unpopular policy every once in a while"
Sorry, but our "Progressive president" is so far to the right at this point
as to be unrecognizable as a Democrat. (Reagan was farther left)
Attacking his base with a (never before seen) anger that should have been reserved for Republicans, and then spouting Reaganomic talking points.
The Audacity.!!!

(Your base is still waiting for that apology from you and Bobby Gibbs, Barry)
Bringing Bill Clinton onto the stage while he and Michelle,
went to a fucking party, added insult to injury.
(Who the hell has a X-mas Party prior to Dec 15?)
I want the guy I voted for, not a talking inaction figure.
If I hear pragmatic one more time,
I'm gonna puke on my Hope and Change poster..
Mr. President, pissing on your base while caving in on issue after issue
is not pragmatic, unless by pragmatic you mean shameless and weak.
Like Bush pissed away the surplus, you pissed away your
political capital on that other shitty deal: Health Care Reform .
Maybe Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders can loan you a testicle.
Happy Zappadan Day 11! Plastic People,Obama now you're such a drag.

Tuesday, December 14

Frank Zappa - Truck Driver Divorce #Zappadan day 10?

Seems to be a Country theme on the internet tubes tonight
Great post at Bluegal about just how country Sarah Palin is
willing to go. thedogfixerer posted Lonesome Cowboy Burt via twitter..
I have no choice but to post this one. I actually had a
trucker friend who routinely delivered a whole bunch of
string beans, delivered a whole bunch of string beans, to Utah.
Some very technical Guitar finger tapping on the solo,
long before anyone else was "finger tapping". Eddie who?
Happy Zapadan Day 10 (I think)
From "Them or Us" "Truck Driver Divorce" it's very sad.

Monday, December 13

Watermelon in Easter Hay - #Zappadan day 9

It's been a great week for Zappadan. The Zapadan Post at
Ketchup is a vegetable puts mine to shame. Check it out.
I learned things about Frank that I never new.

One of my favorite songs ever is Watermelon in Easter Hay.
The REAL title of this song is
'Playing A Guitar Solo With This Band Is Like
Trying To Grow A Watermelon In Easter Hay'
And that's where it came from."
It's super sad because if you are familiar with the libretto,
it is Joe's last imaginary guitar solo.


This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER. Joe has just worked himself into an imaginary frenzy during the fade-out of his imaginary song. He begins to feel depressed now. He knows the end is near. He has realized at last that imaginary guitar notes and imaginary vocals exist only in the mind of the imaginer. And ultimately, who gives a fuck anyway?! Excuse me. Who gives a fuck anyway? So he goes back to his ugly little room and quietly dreams his last imaginary guitar solo.
Happy Zappadan day 9
From Joe's Garage Act III - Watermelon in Easter Hay

Sunday, December 12

No Politics Sunday - City of Tiny Lights #zappadan

King Crimson's Adrian Belew sings this one.
I think it's about the stupidity of getting wasted,
something Frank always thought was stupid.
I finally wised up.
No Politics today. It's so big, I'm so tiny.
Still trying to the process the weeks' political news.
For politics tied into FZ's music see my previous Zappadan posts.
It's over there. In the tiny dirt somewhere.
I don't know if it's a split guitar signal or Belew and Frank
playing in sync, but the dual lead is the silver liney.
Get your tiny pillow, tiny blanket and have some tiny cookies.

Stay away from the downers and the wine though. Happy Zapadan day 8
Tiny is as tiny do. From Sheik Yerbouti - City of Tiny Lights

Saturday, December 11

Frank Zappa - Camarillo Brillo #zappadan

I dedicate this posting to Senator Bernie Sanders.
For 8 hours and 37 minutes he "carried on without a comma".
I've never seen anything like it. The ADHD twitterverse was
mesmerized by little else. The man is a hero. If only the
President had ONE of Sen. Sanders testicles we'd be better
off. This WAS a filibuster. This was ideals, courage and
endurance. The song is silly but all I could think of
watching the filibuster unfold and the twitterverse's reaction
was "and carried on with out a comma" Sen. Sanders you are
someone we should know. Sanders stripped away the rancid
poncho that was the Obamblican tax cut deal.
From "Overnight Sensation" - Camarillo Brillo
Happy Zappadan day 7!! H/T to The Political Carnival

Friday, December 10

Frank Zappa - Dumb All Over - #Zappadan

Frank was an atheist, I am not.

But he nails it again, with so many
perverting the teachings of the Bible
and the Quoran to justify killing and war,
we give to the rich while we steal from the poor.
Preacher's tell congregations which way
to vote while maintaining tax free status.
I wonder what Frank would've thought of us, being dumber than
the Russian's. We're in Afghanistan longer than they were,
folding, spindling, and mutilating those unbelievers.
We behave the same, we are dumb all over,
and maybe even a little ugly on the side.

I prefer the studio version to the many live versions
because of the sound effects, solid beat,
and Frank's flow as he raps though
some kind of vocal phase shifting signal processing.

Happy Zappadan day 6! Aieeeeee! Hotel roomm mm mmm mm!
From "You are what you is" Frank Zappa - Dumb All Over

Thursday, December 9

Frank Zappa - The Torture Never Stops #Zappadan

Yesterday I watched the lost interviews of Frank Zappa
over at Mock,Paper,Scissors
. I highly recommend watching all 4 parts.
Once again Frank predicted the future of politics in America.
His views and music were often warnings about us speeding
towards a police state. He was a true constitutionalist.
Here he must have known we were heading towards U.S. sanctioned torture.
I can't help but wonder what Frank would have thought about Abu Ghraib,
renditions and the Fabulous Guantanamo water park. (Still open fer bizness)
From Zoot Allures - The Torture Never Stops Happy Zappadan day 5!!

Wednesday, December 8

Frank Zappa - Keep It Greasy #Zappadan

Well there is no escaping it.
I am continuing my Zappadan postings.
Assholes and taking it rectally are the order of the week.
President Obama had the audacity to bitch at his base
and at Keith Olbermann who called him out on his bullshit.
Maddow and Tom Tomorrow called him out too.
Seems like the President ONLY gets angry with his base.
To the GOP he rolls over and plays dead, caves, and capitulates.
Mr. President, it IS a sign of weakness.
As a 99%'er I get nothing from this sorry deal.
Scratch that I will be getting a tax increase. My only advice at this point is to
Keep It Greasy
, cause for the foreseeable future we will be taking it anally
from both parties. Unless you're rich and not reading this anyway.
The upside to my hindside is the more the President screws us,
the easier it's getting to find appropriate Frank Zappa songs.
I pray someone in the Senate will stop this. Happy Zappadan!!

Tuesday, December 7

Broken Hearts Are for Assholes #Zappadan

I did not mean to start an "asshole" theme here.
(see previous post) I vowed I would post at least one
Frank Zappa song a day though Zappadan.
Doing this and tying it into the days event's is harder than it looks.

Some people, heh, some people have been whining about Obama
caving in on the tax cut dea
l. (I resemble that remark)
Some people, heh, some people, feel the President hasn't lived even
close to the campaign hype.
Some people, heh, some people say he's not a true progressive,
with his endless capitulating to the right, and failure to do a lot
more to support progressive issues.
I for one care less for him.
We know it woulda been a lot worse under McAlzheimer's and
Snowflake Snookie, but the honeymoon is truly over and we
are left with a broken heart. Of course he's promising to fight
to repeal the tax cut's in 2012 -
When he's trying to get re-elected and with a GOP House majority.
Don't fool yourselves's goin' right up yer poop chute.
For all the broken hearted Obama supporters.....
Frank Zappa - Broken Hearts Are for Assholes

Monday, December 6

FZ reads from "The Naked Lunch" #Zappadan

I was saving this post for tomorrow but an ominous warning tweet from Bluegal made me decide to post it now. I am so disgusted with politics and politicians this week (tonight) that FZ reading an excerpt from
William S. Burroughs "The Naked Lunch"
seemed like the perfect thing.
Seems like ALL politicians are just talking assholes, especially this week, and especially the one(s) I voted for. (Yes, a bit of buyers remorse)
Happy Zappadan and remember to follow Zappadan on twitter,
and to comment on other blogs #zappadan posts.
The Talking Asshole as read by Frank Zappa

More Trouble Every Day #Zappadan

It's still Zappadan, but back to politics and social consciousness.
Watching TV does make you sick.
TLC has Sarah Palin's endless "paid" political commercial.
Fox is , well Fox. The rest of the Newsies suck too.
What ever happened to "Investigative Journalism"?
What ever happened to to all the fun in the world?
Telling the truth makes you bad. Ask Julian Assange.
The News is disheartening.
Nothing like a good jam with a message to pick you up.
To paraphrase Mott the Hoople: :I need TV when I have FZ?"
There's no way to delay that trouble coming every day.

Sunday, December 5

No Politics Sunday - Merry #Zappadan

We are still celebrating the "Holy" time of year known as Zappadan.
From Dec 4 through Dec 21. I will post a Frank Zappa favorite a day.
50/50 from "Overnite Sensation" features ahem "vocals" by Ricky Lancelotti,
Keys by George Duke, a killer electric violin solo by Jean-Luc Ponty,
and topped off with a scorching lead by FZ himself. Perfect for this blog.
I figure the odds be 50/50, I just might have something to say....

Saturday, December 4

Ron Paul and Frank Zappa -1986

Frank tried to warn us and so did Ron Paul; that we were moving
towards a "Corporatist Society", better known as
Fascism. They were right.
Happy Zappadan!!!
Ron Paul and Frank Zappa on the Danger of American Fascism

Friday, December 3

Merry Zappadan

This Zappadan holiday season take a moment to celebrate the life and death of God's favorite atheist. Frank Zappa - What better way to celebrate than with some "Titties and Beer"
"There was Milhouse Nixon and Agnew too,
and both of those suckers were worse than you"

WikiLeaks(dot)org domain killed by US everydns(dot)net UPDATED

Via Twitter:
Wikileaks is down.The domain was killed by US after they claimed mass attacks on their servers.
They are doing everything they can to silence Julian Assange.
First they stopped his money.
Then the sex charges.
They scream treason,
shutting down his hosting service.
"Christian" Politicians call for his assassination.
(I'm talking right to you Mike Huckabee)
Wikileaks has done what journalists used to do. Bring the truth to light. If Julian Assange spends one day in jail; then Dick Cheney should be in the cell next to him for leaking Valerie Plame. I said this in my previous post on wikileaks: Julian Assange is a hero in a world of lying bastards running the planet into the ground. They call him a traitor, I call him a hero. What they call espionage, I call the light and the truth. Only when we know the truth will these earth destroying wars come to an end. Don't kill the messenger. Get the bastard's that sold you the original lie.
If journalists did their job there would be no need for wikileaks. If every freaking Government didn't lie through it's teeth there would be no need for wikileaks. But sadly ,"
In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell

Update 12:44 PM EST 12/03/2010
WikiLeaks now available at
Update 8:18 PM EST 12/09/2010 DNS Provider Mistakenly
Caught in WikiLeaks Saga Now Supports the Group

Wednesday, December 1

Keep your promise Mr. President

President Obama clearly promised during his campaign:
"We will also allow the temporary Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest
Americans to expire." This ad also includes devastating video of
House Republican leader John Boehner admitting he would cave
if President Obama fought hard on this issue.
When Democrats stand with 98% of Americans and Republicans
stand with only the wealthiest 2%, it's absolutely insane for
Democrats to be obsessed with "compromise."
This is a winnable fight for Democrats --
if Obama keeps his promise and fights!

Help the Progressive Change Campaign Committee PAC

Tuesday, November 30

Shut The Banks Down - Withdraw All Your Money

Shut 'em Down - Public Enemy
7th of December take all your cash off your account.
Eric Cantona (UK Ex Soccer star)
"We don't pick up weapons to kill people to start the revolution.
The revolution is really easy to do these days.
What's the system? The system is built on the power of the banks.
So it must be destroyed through the banks.
" H/T to C&L
Full statement HERE.
The Revolution will NOT be televised.
It will be blogged, emailed, tweeted, and posted on YouTube.

Monday, November 29

Govt cockroaches run for cover after latest Wikileaks release

They are already calling it "Cablegate".
They started the damage control a week ago.
Diplomatic cables show we spied on our allies and Diplomats are spies.
Hillary Clinton decries wikileaks latest dump as "An attack on the world"
Cockroaches don't like it when you shine a light on them.
God bless Wikileaks. The truth shall set us free.
Big Brother has a Bigger Brother watching.

To the Shadow Governments of the world: Everybody Knows.
Update1: Wikileaks next target: The big banks.
I love Oliver Willis but his article on Wikileaks=Fail(ure to read the cables)
Update 2: The man who leaked the Pentagon Papers on the Vietnam war,
Daniel Ellsberg, has given his backing to Wikileaks.
Sweet Jesus Oliver, you're on the wrong side of this. Orwell said:
During times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

Sunday, November 28

No Politics Sunday - Revisited

Last week I had decided I would not do any political posts on a Sunday.
I have rethought this and will attempt to embed some kind of song that embodies a political or ethical viewpoint. When this song came out I never thought years later I would be using it for social commentary.
Cities full of hatred, fear and lies.....
Withered hearts and cruel tormented eyes...
Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise....
Beating down the multitude and scoffing at the wise........
Waaaaaay ahead of their time: Rush - A Farewell To Kings

Saturday, November 27

News Flash! Trickle down economics doesn't work!!

From Talking Points Memo: Warren Buffet want's you to raise his taxes.
Truth is Corporate profits are at record highs, and none of that money is being used to create jobs, hire or increase pay. Trickle down economics has never and will never work. Buffet and Gates are 2 of hundreds that tell it like it is: The rich got rich by being Americans and need to do their part. There is absolutely no logical reason to extend the Bush tax cuts.
But when has logic ever stopped a Rightwing talking point?
Was unable to embed as nicely as I would have liked.
Warning turn your volume down!

Thursday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving from SNL

It's important to give thanks, even when things aren't working out just the way you like them. I am very thankful this Thanksgiving for all my blessings, both seen and unseen. I will be having the traditional meal with my family and celebrating my birthday belatedly. (another family tradition)

Sarah Palin: We've got to stand with our North Korean allies

Kim Jong Ill will be glad to hear that one. He's waiting for your call Sarah.
It's easy to dismiss this as a simple gaffe, but I follow the quitter on twtter.
She says something moronic and ignorant at LEAST once a day.
Somebody buy the woman a globe - and use it as a ball gag.
H/T to Oliver Willis and C&L. Audio HERE.
Kim tells Sarah how he reere feels below.

Tuesday, November 23

"On any other day" by The Police

Well my birthday was not bad, at least not as bad as this guy's.
My eggs came out great, and my cat only nipped me in play.
Terrific Video to "On any other day" by The Police
The white Fender jazz bass and yellow Telecaster
are awesome details. The tea set is to die for.
Make sure you catch the chorus of "Happy Birthday" at the end of the song.
Update: From the video's producer, " I used Starwars figures"
Sting-Obiwan, Andy-Luke, Stewart-Han Solo
(I wondered why Copeland looked like Harrison Ford.)

G.O.P ignores history repeating itself

It's my birthday. I don't want cake. I want heads to roll.
Thanksgiving is coming and all the 99 per-centers are losing their benefits.
G.O.P. channels Marie Antoinette. People are living in tent cites.
Rewind: The French Revolution
France was broke and fighting 2 wars.
Their Men of hope and change just became "The man"
Grain hording by the rich. Sound familiar?
The parallels to today are amazing. Doesn't Newt Gingrich have a history degree?
Time to sharpen up the guillotines. Part I of III

Part II

Part III

Happy Birthday to Me

Sometimes you have to throw your own birthday party,
Give yourself a gift. Be the host and guest. The Ramones will be there.
The big 5-0. 1/2 a century. Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!

Monday, November 22

Open Letter to Connie Mack

This video shows Connie Mack celebrating his birthday on Fort Myers Beach.
Tomorrow Nov 23 I will celebrate my 50th birthday.
I am facing homelessness thanks to
Mack voting no on Unemployment Extensions.
Everything the host of this video says is bullshit.
Mack is NOT from here he lives in VA.
Connie Mack ignores the needs of District 14 because he runs
virtually unopposed every 4 years.
His family (dynasty) has held the same congressional seat since 1972!
Instead of helping the district he either does not vote or votes no on anything that would help. He rants about Hugo Chavez. He sucks. He's Republican and has no soul. Below the video is my letter I just sent via

November 22, 2010
Dear Congressman Mack,

By voting no on extending unemployment benefits you have guaranteed the
further economic collapse of Cape Coral, and given the finger to your
constituents. I want to tell you what is going to happen as a result of
your vote. I and 3 other residents of this complex will become homeless.
My landlord who is struggling with a refinanced mortgage on this building
will default and lose the property they have owned for over 20 years. You
have consistently voted against the people in your own district and have
done nothing to help them. You run virtually unopposed every 4 years so I
understand why you don't care about us. How about another rant about Hugo

burningbush (actually my name was signed)

Saturday, November 20

No Politics Sunday

Every-time I hear Stereolab I feel like I am being filmed in technicolor/panavision like a European film circa 1968. So Continental.
All pastel colors and winding roads though the countryside. Wearing an ascot tie and driving an Aston Martin. No Politics Sunday is something I am trying out. All the blogs will be covering the Sunday News shows. If you must visit one of the links in my blogroll, or follow my tweets. Me, I'm having another croissant and an espresso while I watch the ducks play. Coffee's ready.
Stereolab - Percolator

Thursday, November 18

Killing in the name of - RATM

For all the Fox viewers, Teabagger racist morons, homophobes
and the rest of the sheep who voted just they way they told you.
God, Oil, Money - Killin' is just killin, no matter what it's in the name of

Sunday, November 14

What it will take to survive G.O.P. class warfare

99 percenters. Record Homeless.
Refusal to extend unemployment benefits.
Extending the Tax cuts for the rich.
Dismantling of Social Security and Medicaid.
No restrictions on Corporate campaign contributions.
No talk of cutting Defense spending.
Might be a little fatty and slimy, but slow roasted,
one fat billionaire can feed a family of 4000.
I ain't starving. Look out greedy rich motherfuckers,
you started it. This is war. Eat the Rich

Thursday, November 11

Meet the New Freshman Class of Extremist Members of Congress and Senate

F*ck Tea! Elitists drink Tea with their pinkies in the air.
I'm a real 'murikan; I drink my COFFEE black.
Meet the TeaBaggers: Undoing 60 years of progress.
Join People for the American Way and Fight Back.

Tuesday, November 9

Sarah Palin described in 3 words: Dumber than Bush

Sarah's latest: Baking cookies for school kids. During a debate over sweets being served in a PA school. Less sugar in schools is GOOD thing, a little less 'cane and half the kids won't need Ritalin or get diagnosed (incorrectly) as ADD, or be obese, or suffer from diabetes. Claims "Nanny state run amok!" She should know: Shes' done such an outstanding job with her kids. (And hired more than a few nanny's instead of raising her own kids) Maybe she is like Reagan: He thought ketchup was a vegetable. She has John Ziegler apologizing for her. Call the Waaaaambulance! "Why are they targeting Sarah Palin?" It's easy and as someone who kills wolves from a chopper she should understand:
She paints a bullseye on herself. 3 words: Dumber than Bush
Update: Palin lashes out at WSJ - misquotes story. Bullseye!

Monday, November 8

Tax the rich, Feed the poor

I'd love to change the world - Alvin Lee and 10 Years after
The Republicans refuse to work with Obama unless
he leaves the Bush tax cuts intact.
Bill Clinton got us a surplus by raising taxes
AND cutting spending.
It's economics 101.
Alvin Lee had the answers in 1971.
I have had trouble trying to say what I want
to say in a post the last few days.
So I'll let 10 Years after say it for me.

Friday, November 5


"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever." George Orwell - "1984" You've seen the moveon supporter getting foot stomped by Rand Paul's thugs. 1984 is one of the 2 scariest books I ever read. The other is "Atlas Shrugged"
To quote Leonard Cohen "I've seen the future baby it is murder"
Anti-Flag - WELCOME TO 1984

Thursday, November 4

Bush admits he ordered waterboarding

What happened to "We do not torture" GW?
Can we please start the War crimes trials NOW?
Here's the clip of him lying right to you over and over.
"We do not torture" Now it's ‘Damn right’ "I personally ordered waterboarding"
This man has no soul and neither does the G.O.P.
You were right on one thing Dubya; History will judge you.
Update: Bush wants you to read his book to see if he gave the world
permission to waterboard Americans. Attn Matt Lauer: You're a pussy!

Wednesday, November 3

Be proud Floridians!

You voted away one of the greatest Congressmen ever: Alan Grayson.
You voted to kill Social Security by electing Marco Rubio.
And you elected Mr. Medicare Fraud as Governor, Rick Scott
Floridians: Our Governor is a known corporate criminal
you would not buy a used car from.
You are screwed. And you did it to yourselves.

Tuesday, November 2

Election Day!! I'll make it easy for you!

You may not be happy with the Dems, but if we go back to the old ways,
we are doomed. It's gonna take more than 2 years to clean up the mess of the previous 8. A quick reminder why. H/T to gratuitousprattle They really do Suck.

Monday, November 1

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Our Government tried to silence WikiLeaks.
They are back despite nefarious attempts to stifle their funding.
One of the most important websites on the internet,
because our Government has been so trustworthy so far...
Note to Sarah Palin, Andrew Brietbart and TeaBaggers:
This is what The First Amendment was designed to protect.
Try reading it before you open your mouths
and prove you know nothing about it.

Sunday, October 31

Sarah Palin compares herself to Ronald Reagan

If only it was Reagan from 1948........Before he went batshit crazy.
Inspiring speech, if only the Reaganites would listen to it.
Very relevant to today's Political/Economic climate. Just watch.

Friday, October 29

Florida Senate Debate: Rubio to raise SS age

Flip Flopping "Independent" Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio who want's to raise the Social Security age, or Kendrick Meek. Rubio is painted as a conservative but his voting record does not reflect that. He lied about "never having voted for a tax increase" Rubio is for extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich while taking away social security for the elderly, and embraces the same failed "Reaganomics" of the last 10 years. Choice is clear Kendrick Meek

Tuesday, October 26

Do bailed out banks, BP, and TeaParty candidates Ad's belong on a Progessive blog?

This is a Progressive Blog??

Recently, what was once my favorite blog in all the blogosphere, John Amato's Crooks & Liars, underwent an overhaul. Everyone raved about how great"The new C&L" was. But like the the child in the "The Emperor's new clothes", I saw it was garbage. The old site had integrity and a great layout.
The new site is a train wreck three column job, with 2 columns dedicated, to corporate sponsors and wrapped in the flag.
The kind we blog about being evil. Bailed out banks, BP, and even Teabagger Christine O'Donnell. (I keep expecting to see a Xe ad there next) When I had the balls to comment I thought the new website design sucked on many levels, when I suggested C&L had gone "Corporate", I was personally attacked for my web skills. (HaHahahaha), by an attack dog named Andy K. Coward that he is. He has a "Protected account" so I cannot even block his cowardly personal attacks on my Web savvy. After 8 years of posting I was treated like a troll. His attack: Assumptions that I was too stupid to use Mozilla and Adblock. (HaHaHaHaHaHa)
I am a major contributor at CNET and beta test more web apps than you will ever read about. As for Jane Hamsher at FDL. at least she has a decently laid out site and does not run ad's from the same scumbags we blog about. She could even teach you a thing or 2 about basic web design principles.
I now do enable my adblock at C&L because a banner ad at C&L, ran a malicious script. Glad you got that upgraded bandwidth John. Your readership is at it's lowest level ever. I am posting 2 ad's from C&L today. No webby award this year. I hope it was worth it.
C&L Upgrade=Fail. Protected Posters ability to reason/act civil to dissenting viewpoint=Fail.
burningbush and the facts=win
There are still good posts and of course Bluegal.
But John you have to have some say over what ad's run on your site, or the site just looks stupid. (When I do turn off adblock and see a BP ad, I throw up in my mouth a little)
Oh and Andy K: Your taste in music sucks so even your latenight posts blow.

Monday, October 25

Dirty Stinkiin' Libruls

Joe gets up at 6 a.m. and fills his coffeepot with water to prepare his morning coffee. The water is clean and good because some tree-hugging liberal fought for minimum water-quality standards. With his first swallow of water, he takes his daily medication. His medications are safe to take because some stupid commie liberal fought to insure their safety and that they work as advertised. All but $10 of his medications are paid for by his employer’s medical plan because some liberal union workers fought their employers for paid medical insurance – now Joe gets it too.

He prepares his morning breakfast, bacon and eggs. Joe’s bacon is safe to eat because some girly-man liberal fought for laws to regulate the meat packing industry.In the morning shower, Joe reaches for his shampoo. His bottle is properly labeled with each ingredient and its amount in the total contents because some crybaby liberal fought for his right to know what he was putting on his body and how much it contained. Joe dresses, walks outside and takes a deep breath. The air he breathes is clean because some environmentalist wacko liberal fought for laws to stop industries from polluting our air. He walks to the subway station for his government-subsidized ride to work. It saves him considerable money in parking and transportation fees because some fancy-pants liberal fought for affordable public transportation, which gives everyone the opportunity to be a contributor. Joe begins his workday. He has a good job with excellent pay, medical benefits, retirement, paid holidays and vacation because some lazy liberal union members fought and died for these working standards. Joe’s employer pays these standards because Joe’s employer doesn’t want his employees to call the union. If Joe is hurt on the job or becomes unemployed, he’ll get a worker compensation or unemployment check because some stupid liberal didn’t think he should lose his home because of his temporary misfortune.

It’s noontime and Joe needs to make a bank deposit so he can pay some bills. Joe’s deposit is federally insured by the FSLIC because some godless liberal wanted to protect Joe’s money from unscrupulous bankers who ruined the banking system before the Great Depression. Joe has to pay his Fannie Mae-underwritten mortgage and his below-market federal student loan because some elitist liberal decided that Joe and the government would be better off if he was educated and earned more money over his lifetime.

Joe is home from work. He plans to visit his father this evening at his farm home in the country. He gets in his car for the drive. His car is among the safest in the world because some America-hating liberal fought for car safety standards. He arrives at his boyhood home. His was the third generation to live in the house financed by Farmers’ Home Administration because bankers didn’t want to make rural loans. The house didn’t have electricity until some big-government liberal stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and demanded rural electrification. He is happy to see his father, who is now retired. His father lives on Social Security and a union pension because some wine-drinking, cheese-eating liberal made sure he could take care of himself so Joe wouldn’t have to. Joe gets back in his car for the ride home, and turns on a radio talk show. The radio host keeps saying that liberals are bad and conservatives are good. He doesn’t mention that the beloved Republicans have fought against every protection and benefit Joe enjoys throughout his day. Joe agrees: “We don’t need those big-government liberals ruining our lives! After all, I’m a self-made man who believes everyone should take care of themselves, just like I have" H/T to poster at C&L whose name I neglected to get.

Tuesday, October 19

Christine O'Donnell - The Season of the Witch

Once again YouTube has ignored copyright law and attempted to prevent me
from embedding my video. Embedding disabled by request.
request? WB's? Won the last battle with them over
fair use and practices. Jeez get a lawyer, I'm gonna whip your ass again,
the law is on my side. Here's a little Halloween fun
at Christine O'Donnell's expense. Enjoy!

Thw Unemployed Workers fight back!!

It's very easy to despair in these though times.
But don't do it. Organize and fight back!!
Capitalism is collapsing. It's time workers joined together.

Monday, October 18

Think the U.S. promotes Democracy? Think Again

The United States only supports Democracy when it benefits
U.S. Corporate interests. If a Democratically elected leader want's
to help his people instead of the Multinational Corporations,
we take them out, with Economic Hit-men or actual Hit-men.
We will take a Corporate friendly Dictator
over a people friendly Government...every time. History is a bitch.

Friday, October 15

For Christian Conservatives and Progressives

Jesus don't like killin' No mater what the reasons for..
and your flag decal won't get you into heaven any more..

And that goes double for your stupid flag lapel pins....

Tuesday, October 5

Florida: A right to work State

Been a while since I posted. I may be losing my Internet access and my Apt.
Unemployment is investigating me because they say they were not informed I was going to school full-time. (They were.)
I am now going though an adjudication process
that has been going on for a month. Meanwhile no payments.
I was advised they would "Send an email to expedite the decision" , and I can expect to wait 2 weeks, and then maybe be told I still have to wait.
There are no jobs. Retraining does not create jobs.
Congress does not want to extend unemployment benefits.
Our leader's obstruct and twiddle their thumbs while the Salvation Army overflows...

Wednesday, September 15

Wednesday, September 8

Want a Job? Better Vote Dem in Midterms

It's hard to get excited about Mid-Term elections,
especially if your a Progressive and feel the President's
actions haven't exactly matched his speeches.
But make no mistake; if the G.O.P. takes back control,
things are going to only get worse. Much worse.
Except for Wall Street.

Tuesday, September 7

Belated Labor day Music -STYX

The perfect song for the unemployed for Labor day (belated)

Give me a job, give me security give me a chance to survive
I'm just a poor soul in the unemployment line
my god, I'm hardly alive
my mother and father, my wife and my friends
I see them laugh in my face
I've got the power, and I've got the will
I'm not a charity case

Monday, September 6

Bill Maher proves the Tea Party is a cult

Stolen from the new remodeled /snark Crooks and Liars,
who pinched it from Real Time with Bill Maher.
It is sad to name your (bowel) movement after Taxes
when you know nothing about the current state of taxation.
Truth is St. Ronnie raised taxes, Obama has lowered 'em

Saturday, August 21

Why the Tea baggers have it wrong.

This week at Publix Supermarket: Lipton Tea Bags, 100 ct box, BOGO $3.95
$0.60 (Thats the tax) That's 2 boxes (200 bags) for $3.95 @.60 sales tax.
Hurry sale ends this week. 2 for 1

Wednesday, August 18


I blatantly stole this from News Corpse. The musical artist is Lily Allen.
I want (ordered{update received in green and love it!!})
one of those Tea shirts. Tea baggers are racist morons.
Now I'll shut up and you watch the F*cking video.

Monday, August 16

You support the Troops, I can't afford it.

The Wars are based on lies. The Troops are dupes.
Murderer's not Defenders of Freedom, but stealer's of life.
They are not hero's , there is no glory in battle.
The guy in this video, He has courage, he's a hero.
Most of the rest of our Troops are Oil Co. thugs whether they realize it or not.
If they want to defend us from all enemies of the state both foreign and domestic, they would start by fragging the nearest General or NCO cowboy, and move on to take over the banks, corporations and lobbyists that have destroyed America more thoroughly than Al-Qaeda ever could. They were not drafted, they volunteered. I am not a troop hater, I just think they got suckered. They kill civilian's. They brag about it. I got flamed for posting a similar comment on the YouTube site. I am sick of supporting the troops.
I just can't afford the bullets anymore, I'm broke.
Key Quotes "the rules of engagement in Iraq are a joke"
"This needs to end and we need to bring our soldiers home now"
Warning: The video below is graphic and horrifying.

Rise Against - Hero of War

Mega Update: Mission Accomplished!!!
McCain declares Bush Victory in Iraq!

Wednesday, August 4

The Future - Leonard Cohen

My unemployment has run out. My food stamps are gone. There are no job offers in the field I retrained in. I lost my car and my back hurts so bad I can hardly walk, let alone ride the bike. My friends, family, and Government have abandoned me. I have become a non-person. This may be my final post. Enjoy the new America. It's 1984

Saturday, July 31

Why offshore drilling must be banned. Period

Here's an argument even the oil soaked GOP will have a hard time with:

Unless we want to surround every single offshore well with a Naval flotilla, they are simply easy soft targets for terrorists. While we are still reeling from the DeepWater Horizon indecent, a tugboat has crashed into ANOTHER oil rig in the gulf and it is now spewing.
All a terrorist (Eco, Homegrown, Jihadist) has to do is load a boat with explosives and send it into a rig. They don't even have to blow themselves up.
Why are the Drill,Baby,Drill crowd soft on National defense and Homeland Security?

Friday, July 30

What if the Tea party was black

This has been around the net but I like the point. Tea baggers get away with bringing firearms to political rallies because they are white. They make racist statements then try to distance themselves from them. Sooo the video posted below asks the question:
What if the Tea party was black? H/T to Jasiri X

Saturday, July 24

Making some Progress, a good week for America

Shoving the Republicans out of the way:
Financial reform and Unemployment Extended

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

How can anyone with a brain watch Glen Beck with his chalkboard,
When there's Rachel Maddow eloquently telling you THE FACTS.
Teabaggers are so clueless on history, they chose their name
based on the Boston Tea party, implying an anti-tax stand.
Well Teabaggers , I have facts for you (I know you hate them)
Obama signed the largest middle class Tax Cut in history.
Teabaggers and Republicans have no knowledge of of history.

Wednesday, July 21

Whitehouse is tuned in to FOX, tuned out to American people

The firing of Shirley Sherrod after discredited hatchet man Andrew Breitbart ran with edited video (yet again) of her speaking at a NAACP meeting, is more proof that the Obama administration is more concerned with pleasing Teabaggers and Conservatives than the Netroots Progressives that elected them. This is the same clown who pimped the edited the Acorn pimping video and caused the dismantling of that organization. As Rachel Maddow said, the Whitehouse needs to issue an apology and hire her back. As Bluegal said, she should sue the shit out of Breitbart for libel. Everyone was "snookered" by this liars video editing, the NAACP as well as the Whitehouse. Again I must repeat my self. DO YOUR FACT CHECKING BEFORE TAKING ACTION. It's what intelligent people do and what journalists used to do, and what Whitehouse staff definitely should be doing. At least I link to my sources and use the internet tubes and teh Google before I post.

Update 07/21/10
: They did the right thing: Per Huffpo
MORE: Agriculture Secretary Offers Sherrod New Job, ’She’s Been Through Hell

Saturday, July 17

Nation Building is not a Military objective

Afghan war apologist on Rachel Madow show.
My repsonse to this is the video below this one.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Complete Bullshit. We funded Bin Laden and the Taliban.
The Russian's were smart enough to get the hell out.
Huffpo and Newsweek article Here

It's long past time to "Rethink Afghanistan"