Saturday, July 31

Why offshore drilling must be banned. Period

Here's an argument even the oil soaked GOP will have a hard time with:

Unless we want to surround every single offshore well with a Naval flotilla, they are simply easy soft targets for terrorists. While we are still reeling from the DeepWater Horizon indecent, a tugboat has crashed into ANOTHER oil rig in the gulf and it is now spewing.
All a terrorist (Eco, Homegrown, Jihadist) has to do is load a boat with explosives and send it into a rig. They don't even have to blow themselves up.
Why are the Drill,Baby,Drill crowd soft on National defense and Homeland Security?

Friday, July 30

What if the Tea party was black

This has been around the net but I like the point. Tea baggers get away with bringing firearms to political rallies because they are white. They make racist statements then try to distance themselves from them. Sooo the video posted below asks the question:
What if the Tea party was black? H/T to Jasiri X

Saturday, July 24

Making some Progress, a good week for America

Shoving the Republicans out of the way:
Financial reform and Unemployment Extended

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

How can anyone with a brain watch Glen Beck with his chalkboard,
When there's Rachel Maddow eloquently telling you THE FACTS.
Teabaggers are so clueless on history, they chose their name
based on the Boston Tea party, implying an anti-tax stand.
Well Teabaggers , I have facts for you (I know you hate them)
Obama signed the largest middle class Tax Cut in history.
Teabaggers and Republicans have no knowledge of of history.

Wednesday, July 21

Whitehouse is tuned in to FOX, tuned out to American people

The firing of Shirley Sherrod after discredited hatchet man Andrew Breitbart ran with edited video (yet again) of her speaking at a NAACP meeting, is more proof that the Obama administration is more concerned with pleasing Teabaggers and Conservatives than the Netroots Progressives that elected them. This is the same clown who pimped the edited the Acorn pimping video and caused the dismantling of that organization. As Rachel Maddow said, the Whitehouse needs to issue an apology and hire her back. As Bluegal said, she should sue the shit out of Breitbart for libel. Everyone was "snookered" by this liars video editing, the NAACP as well as the Whitehouse. Again I must repeat my self. DO YOUR FACT CHECKING BEFORE TAKING ACTION. It's what intelligent people do and what journalists used to do, and what Whitehouse staff definitely should be doing. At least I link to my sources and use the internet tubes and teh Google before I post.

Update 07/21/10
: They did the right thing: Per Huffpo
MORE: Agriculture Secretary Offers Sherrod New Job, ’She’s Been Through Hell

Saturday, July 17

Nation Building is not a Military objective

Afghan war apologist on Rachel Madow show.
My repsonse to this is the video below this one.

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Complete Bullshit. We funded Bin Laden and the Taliban.
The Russian's were smart enough to get the hell out.
Huffpo and Newsweek article Here

It's long past time to "Rethink Afghanistan"

Thursday, July 15

This means something.......

I can't find work. I can't even find jobs I can send a resume or apply for.
I have been trying to find a safe outlet for my rage at our Government.
I have been building the blog at a fiendish rate.
There are now 10 pages

I think I crashed the Youtube server last night.
You can view them on the VideoME page under
my favorites or VideoWar
VideoWARII or VideoWARIII.
I can not stop. I feel just like Richard Dreyfus
making models of The Devil's Tower in
"Close Encounters of the third kind"
This means something..........
Pass the mashed potatoes please

Bp may have Killed the Planet

This explains the News Blackout. Drill baby Drill.
Read this and weep. Greedy idiots have killed us all.
Now they are looking at a lawsuit from 98% of all life on Earth.
But, But-They said it was safe..... Choke on Methane Bobby Jindal.

Tuesday, July 13

The Birth certificate is valid: now STFU

The myth that President Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen of the USA has been thoroughly debunked. Only complete morons (read, Conservatives, Teabaggers, or Libertarians) still harp on this issue. Please read this article by FactCheck USA, and stop watching FOX News. It's melting your brain. (And give up the Rushbo too he's a junkie) Turn off the Glenn Beck and Bill O'Lie-ly and use the internet tubes to do your own research. It's called fact checking. It's what used to be a part of journalism.


West Palm Beach, FL - Today, Jeff Greene, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, launched a new television ad entitled: Family. The 30 second spot that will air across Florida focuses on Jeff being raised in a middle-class family by parents who instilled in him the importance of a good education, hard work and giving back. The ad also introduces voters to his own family, wife Mei Greene and son Malcolm Greene, and underscores his reasons for running for office.

As a husband, new father and successful businessman, Jeff wants to do what he can to make Florida prosper again - that's why he's running for the U.S. Senate. He won't sit by and do nothing while career politicians continue to look out for the special interests instead of the people of Florida. Unlike his opponents, Jeff won't take a single penny from special interests and will only be beholden to the people of Florida who elect him. Jeff will give Floridians a voice in Washington.

The latest Rasmussen Report of the Florida Senate Race, released July 8, 2010, found that in a three way race against the Independent and Republican challengers, Jeff Greene fares better than Kendrick Meek with Greene 18 percent over Meek at 15 percent. Greene, who was at 13 percent last month, now surpasses Meek in a three way race. Jeff is gaining momentum, while Kendrick Meek continues to lose support among voters and is unelectable.

Wednesday, July 7

BP Oil Spill Sickens The Little Mermaid

First Aquaman, then SpongeBob and now this.
Neptune gonna kick some BP ass!!

Monday, July 5

First Aquaman and now SpongeBob

More tragedy from the BP oil spill.
I'm sure Patrick and the other denizens
of Bikini Bottom didn't make it either.
We know know much BP cares.
Click here to see BP in action.
Click here to see what BP did
to Aquaman

Friday, July 2

Decline in Labor Force Leads to Drop in Unemployment

The June drop in hours suggests that hiring will slow further.
I have little to say except thanks Republicans for blocking extension
of unemployment benefits.
I just spent a year training for a job that no longer exists.
I've lost my job, now my car with no relief in sight.
Paul Krugman was right:
The stimulus was too small and not used correctly.
We would rather pay for Endless War than take care of or help our own.
What a sick country the U.S.A. has become.
The Mega-rich and now a peasant class.
Middle class America R.I.P.