Friday, December 3

WikiLeaks(dot)org domain killed by US everydns(dot)net UPDATED

Via Twitter:
Wikileaks is down.The domain was killed by US after they claimed mass attacks on their servers.
They are doing everything they can to silence Julian Assange.
First they stopped his money.
Then the sex charges.
They scream treason,
shutting down his hosting service.
"Christian" Politicians call for his assassination.
(I'm talking right to you Mike Huckabee)
Wikileaks has done what journalists used to do. Bring the truth to light. If Julian Assange spends one day in jail; then Dick Cheney should be in the cell next to him for leaking Valerie Plame. I said this in my previous post on wikileaks: Julian Assange is a hero in a world of lying bastards running the planet into the ground. They call him a traitor, I call him a hero. What they call espionage, I call the light and the truth. Only when we know the truth will these earth destroying wars come to an end. Don't kill the messenger. Get the bastard's that sold you the original lie.
If journalists did their job there would be no need for wikileaks. If every freaking Government didn't lie through it's teeth there would be no need for wikileaks. But sadly ,"
In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell

Update 12:44 PM EST 12/03/2010
WikiLeaks now available at
Update 8:18 PM EST 12/09/2010 DNS Provider Mistakenly
Caught in WikiLeaks Saga Now Supports the Group

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