Sunday, December 26

Who needs Airliners??

When 14 of the Saudis, yes remember they were Saudis, needed Flight training, they came to Florida. That will be no longer necessary. With the largest arms sale in history going to Saudi Arabia, and U.S. Air Force training the Afghan army in flight operations, more U.S. flight schools will close./snark. It begs the question:
Is selling more weps to the Saudi's and training Afghani's how to fly really compatible with our "War on Terror"?
Is this smart foreign policy?
The ahem "thinking" is this is defense against Iran.

What could go wrong?
All Charlie Wilson wanted to do was train a few mujahideen in C.I.A tradecraft, (treason by definition) and provide them with a few stinger missiles,(also treason by definition), and there was no blow back from that.....right?
What right wingers who worship Ronald Reagan do not ever want to hear:
St. Ronnie and Charlie Wilson created Al-Qaida and the Taliban.

Financial Times has reported that the Gulf Arab states have ordered U.S. weapons systems worth $123 billion “to counter Iran's military power”.
The biggest deal, worth $60 billion, is with Saudi Arabia
No need to hijack a U.S. Airliner when you have 84 F-15's right at home.
If you heard about this anywhere in the MSM, Please let me know.

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