Wednesday, November 3

Be proud Floridians!

You voted away one of the greatest Congressmen ever: Alan Grayson.
You voted to kill Social Security by electing Marco Rubio.
And you elected Mr. Medicare Fraud as Governor, Rick Scott
Floridians: Our Governor is a known corporate criminal
you would not buy a used car from.
You are screwed. And you did it to yourselves.


  1. I guess being a thief is more desirable. The teabag folk with their faux outrage either don't do their homework or they just don't give a damn. Sad either way. I feel for you. Luckily, Bennet squeaked by in Colorado and we dodged the Buck freakshow bullet.
    I wonder if Grayson went too over the top for people's tastes. He had such a good message and some big balls (lacking these days IMO), but maybe that was a turnoff. Please enlighten if you can.

  2. The GOP targeted Grayson as the most dangerous man in congress. His big balls and lack of fear scared the rethugs into dumping millions to negative ads here in Florida. His Taliban Dan ad may have been over the top and backfired. Obama did not campaign for him and the DNC dropped the ball too. And the state is FILLED with LIV's (Low information voters)

  3. Alan Grayson for WH chief of staff!!

  4. Not to be too cynical, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.

  5. Russ Feingold and Alan Grayson on a green party ticket in 2012?


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