Tuesday, November 23

Happy Birthday to Me

Sometimes you have to throw your own birthday party,
Give yourself a gift. Be the host and guest. The Ramones will be there.
The big 5-0. 1/2 a century. Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!


  1. Happy Birthday Burning Bush. I hope that you had a great day. Another nickname for Snowflake Snookie - Lipstick McPitbull. I am sorry to read about your situation. I hope it all turns out alright. I don't get how people just don't give a damn about fellow human beings.

  2. ps - you should check out Rumproast if you already haven't. I think you would like it.

  3. @kathequa thanks for the birthday wish. I have a request for you kathequa; Could you please change the text of my blog on your blogroll to burningbush..(one word lower case)? I do so folks don't think I have a God complex :)


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