Monday, October 18

Think the U.S. promotes Democracy? Think Again

The United States only supports Democracy when it benefits
U.S. Corporate interests. If a Democratically elected leader want's
to help his people instead of the Multinational Corporations,
we take them out, with Economic Hit-men or actual Hit-men.
We will take a Corporate friendly Dictator
over a people friendly Government...every time. History is a bitch.


  1. Stephen Kinzer has written two great books on this exact subject. One is All The Shah's Men, specifically about Iran, and the other is Overthrow, which is a more in depth history from Hawaii, (yes, Hawaii) to Iraq. Great video, btw.

  2. Thanks for your comment, I get virtually no traffic here. It's nice someone is reading the crap I post..Stereolab Fan?!!

  3. Always good to support the little guy, as I am in that category too. NOT crap. Good stuff. And yes, Stereolab is awesome.

  4. And, most people don't realize the depths at which the U.S. will stoop to promote "Democracy". Sad.


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