Thursday, November 4

Bush admits he ordered waterboarding

What happened to "We do not torture" GW?
Can we please start the War crimes trials NOW?
Here's the clip of him lying right to you over and over.
"We do not torture" Now it's ‘Damn right’ "I personally ordered waterboarding"
This man has no soul and neither does the G.O.P.
You were right on one thing Dubya; History will judge you.
Update: Bush wants you to read his book to see if he gave the world
permission to waterboard Americans. Attn Matt Lauer: You're a pussy!


  1. But waterboarding wasn't torture under his watch, and the US certainly doesn't pay attention to the Geneva convention - remember, they were enemy combatants, not soldiers - and who cares what the UN has to say. USA!USA! Um, yeah...

  2. You point is taken. But at least I beat C&L to the post. They haven't even mentioned it in 2 days. (Go indy bloggers!!) I think the blogosphere is suffering from PMCD (Post mid-term cynicism disorder)


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