Tuesday, December 21

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow - Father O'Blivion #zappadan

Dedicated to Na Shnook of the North - A.K.A. Caribou Barbie
I couple of folks on twitter and on the progblogs have suggested
we ignore and not tweet or retweet about Ms. Palin
Ignoring the problem so it will go away is a Republican approach,
not a Progressive one. I say mock her out of existence.
Don't retreat - retweet and satirize and point out every stupid,
silly, ignorant, hypocritical, nasty or mean thing she has said or done.
Rinse and retweet. Reload and retweet. The rest of you
stick your head in the sand like an ostrich and hope she'll go away.
She is a source of endless humor and a boon to satirists and
comedians everywhere because she is such a joke.
Heckle her off the stage of the media.
Ignore her at your own risk

I used to have this edition Cd. I think it was when Ryko disc owned
the catalog they released this double Cd of Apostrophe/Overnight sensation.
When the catalog was sold you could only get them separately.
From the Apostrophe/Overnight sensation album:
Frank Zappa Don't Eat The Yellow Snow - Father O'Blivion
Happy Zappadan Day 17

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