Tuesday, November 9

Sarah Palin described in 3 words: Dumber than Bush

Sarah's latest: Baking cookies for school kids. During a debate over sweets being served in a PA school. Less sugar in schools is GOOD thing, a little less 'cane and half the kids won't need Ritalin or get diagnosed (incorrectly) as ADD, or be obese, or suffer from diabetes. Claims "Nanny state run amok!" She should know: Shes' done such an outstanding job with her kids. (And hired more than a few nanny's instead of raising her own kids) Maybe she is like Reagan: He thought ketchup was a vegetable. She has John Ziegler apologizing for her. Call the Waaaaambulance! "Why are they targeting Sarah Palin?" It's easy and as someone who kills wolves from a chopper she should understand:
She paints a bullseye on herself. 3 words: Dumber than Bush
Update: Palin lashes out at WSJ - misquotes story. Bullseye!

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  1. Burningbush - thanks for the enlightenment on ketchup. I had not heard that before. Leave it to a republican to want to make condiments pass for vegetables. That is rich. Also, why does John Ziegler and his ilk not get it that media coverage of Palin was negative because she is a fucking idiot. It really is that simple. Same thing with O'Donnell. With the 08 election, first it was the Audacity of Hope that was getting coverage, but when McCain unleashed Palin, it turned into the Audacity of Dope... I can't watch the video because my psyche is too fragile and I can't stand listening to her any longer. And the WSJ debaucle was quite entertaining. She learned a new term and could not use it in a sentence. Like she really knows what "quantitive easing" is. You betcha!


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