Saturday, June 23

The 7 deadly sins

mine is still pride. I have become a atheist/agnostic/bhudist who follows the teachings of both christ and the bhudda. i gave up my car. (almost completly) Due to my deep moral objection to killing for any reason (God and Jesus Do not like it at all) But some greedy folks who have at least 3 of everything must consume and consume while browbeating you about their moral high ground Hypocrites. Liars. Cheater..and games they want me to actually play with them qwhen they have been caught cheatin..I have done it.. It turns my stomache..How do they I sleep just fine..I'm not a fucking killer in a preist robe. Your speeding us all to your own judgment day..shouldnt you get honest and come clean?? Sex and food and gas addiction..disgusting how folks in the glass house throw the freaking bricks..for my dear dear "friends" See my post on word twisting....Read some orwell you putzes.. Pigs 3 differnet ones.. (Please listen to Pink Floyd "Animals " me I am the dog.) Will post some more pleasant from a library in Tampa to day. I am going to get some and I dont need to pay or lie about it.$99 anywhere in the US. Go Greyhound and save a soldiers life. Dont ever get moralistic with me again.


It get's expensive..who needs it?

Friday, June 22

Mad Scientists

I'm very fond of them.

I did it my way

Some may feel I have copt an attitude. I have from from trying to win.


Many folks I encounter say the like one kind of music or another but never listen. As a amature engineer and musician..i figure things out by taking them apart and breaking them..then reassemble and improve the design. Listen to words..extract meaning and listen to all the parts. bass , drum , chorus git piano, keys and try to hum the notes of each..GJ :) Yes percussion has notes....

Music Site

Looks like I inverted the C&L idear. Seems to be 90% Music Club and only 10% Politics..this is good .RF

Burning Man

It just occurred to me that i should really go to the next burning man -Dan Contact me.

How to win friends and influence people...

Ths skill protected me when I was incarcerated..all true...

Jack Booted Brownshirts..

Dont become one..i almost did?

Ybor Adventure for less than 2 Bills

Or how I have the time in my life in Ybor City for really..nothng.

But your Rover driver is drunk on Fosters......

Apple Browser Down Under - Safari

I want a goth girl

OK I said it. A punk girl or geek girl would be nce as well.

Why now?

Look at my apple Ticker.....

What 2 things come from Texas?

My toon breaks up with Future Hiro

No Shit. Look up.

I've been naked for 4 days

The point is it's amazing what ya can do when you take back control of your destiny.

Alien Spuds

I feel like dreyfuss..this means something....

Boca Grande

I do not have a big mouth.Ii am prolific.

Rat kid's Choice

Classic Kung Fu Primer


Master when may we leave this place?

When you have absorbed all of the internet then you may leave.

Brain Twist

Zen and Quanta

Thank you Bloodlotus

Fledgling writers an bloggers this is ths shiz-nit!!


I love comic book heroes.
I love city of heroes MMOg.

At age 8 while sick ( I may have been faking ) I was giving a lecture ( lol i was given one i don't teach - yet) chicken soup and my first Detective comics- golden age or something i just started checking ebay.I have in my posesion a 25 anniversay edition of the Silversurfer (with cover art by and F-ing singed by George Perez (Park) and I have a $%^load of Fantastic Fours, best way to stay on top of marvel then was to follow SS and FF Two of Stans Lee's best. ( Spidey Meh!) My prized possesion...........I intend to give away along with my cheap ass $515 a month apt. (worth $850 if I ccould sub let) Next up. My Kung Fu is Strong!! The year of the Rat

Rock & Roll Philosophy 101

Just read the damn blog


Twice as much as logic at half the price!!Hypocricy

Drug Dealing

Nice work if you can get it.

Parched land no desert sand, sun was just a dot
And a little bit of water goes a long way, cause its hot
Three good buddies were laughing and smoking in the back
Of a rented ford
They couldnt know they werent going far

Each one with the money in his pocket
Could go out and buy himself a brand new car
But they all had the money they had
Money they hoped would take them very far

The sky was bright, a traffic light, now and then a truck
And they hadnt seen a cop around all day
They brought everything they needed
Bags and scales to weigh the stuff
The driver said the borders just over the bluff

It wasnt until the car suddenly stopped
In the middle of a cold and barren place
And the other guy turned and spilled
Three boys blood, did they know a trap had been lain?

Theyre ok the last days of may, Ill be breathing dry air
Im leaving soon, the others are already there
You wouldnt be interested in coming along, instead of staying here
They say the west is nice this time of year

Soft White Underbelly

This was the (former) name of my one of my favorite bands Blue Oyster Cult. I've enjoyed a semi biker lifestyle although I no longer may ride due to a promise I've kept. I still enjoy the festivities ;). I like the undergound and always dreammed of being in a band, or D.J. (or at least writing about music. Overeaters have soft white underbellies that are nice and juicy fat. for slaughter. Over indugling in anything sucks!! including:....:partners.Gas, Food. Drugs. Computers. Friends.


Well this is not about's about personal evolution and those that are meat because thaey cannot. I looks more and more like this are is no longer has any appeeall for this aging rocker..I'm off to live....But i'll be back to ft. Misery..Just to smell the rot from the swamps... Video Google for "Devo" Watch them all . "Beautifulll World" In particual and "Jocko Homo" For my ole buddy. As i eveolve i see them de-eveolve.."We dont drive vans and eat quaaaludes" and wash 'em down with cheap ass scotch. No worries RF

Terrorists: They only hate your car

Espically your %^$-%^&* Hummer you putz... Duck Rpg....

Thursday, June 21

Hi Fidelity

An Article about morality or Audio may go here Think about it...

S & M

A song I like by metallica

Mission Complete!

I am incorporating my latest creation. (Muhahahahahaha) with the Daily Movie Feature. Todays Movie inspired my own COH Video. Mr. tarinino's and Rodriguez's "Dusk to Dawn" My favorite recent Vampire flic. Enjoy

Blast From the past!!

Ok this is not ready a lft over .will tweeak later my featured band today i Kraftwerk. Autobahn.....


Guys and gals please bear with me . I have acomplished a lot in little time but i have been ..not over ambitious.just pissed and in too big a hurry no sleep and no help (Smack!! D.I.Y.!!)..Relaxing more posts till ??Enjoy . RAY

Wish I knew how to embed haloscan

Why I wont do Myspace

It's owned by fox and full of lamerz....Get a blog.

My '93 Ford taurus Is near death!!

or how I reduced my oil use by 50 percent.ride a bike

Under Construction

Grand opning will not be unill the 30th at this rate :( yes typos..

Dick Cheney Still in a vegatative State.

Well Either D.C Or Wyoming (See Pic Above)


I have made errors setting this up. the last thing i need too piss off my friends..anymore than I have. I needs your help and support for this to fly. TY Ray

Wednesday, June 20

Favorite Comics

Today it is Mr. George Carlin. Please google video him and check out ..Stuff i'll post URL a bit later. peace. The Don

Next: The SilverSurfer (This saved me space&time ;)

Todays Movie: Network

I'm mad as haell and i'm not gonna take it any, more!!! I gave ya the movie? Emaill me he name of the actor for a prize..sort of.. Ciao!

Witing this from a greyhound bus on way to tampa to see my new.."Jimmy Olsen" All true ask me how. Less than a c-note and a fin anwhere in US. Go Greyhound. Go farther with less "sprockets" H/T to GA where ever you are.

Truth to Power baby!!

That is the secondary theme here i suppose....

Thank you Dr. A

I forgot I was tutored in editing and and writing by age 12.. jeez. spell check once in a while!! H/T to you to Gardner!! My positronic brain was degined by no less than the good dr. himself but later modified by a grant from bell labs in murrray hill n.j. all true. Amatures...sheesh

Villains vs. heroes

A hero need not lie.

In the very near future i will post my fav h's and v's here and i'm not even open for buis yet!!! DF

Please check out my Google Group For The City of Heroes online gamming community.

Buisness model

Very Very Simple, I plan to modle the blog a bit after huffpo and a bit after c&l..check out I have no Idea if I'll get sued for that statement. Next: Why take over the world? Thanks John , Arriana


That's the theme here. Do it yourself. H/T to pg.

Clarification: Staff

The Don is DonFormica a joke name like Biggus Dickus..ok a folder i put scraps of links and notpad doc's before edit in word or whatev. Don Is Managing Editor and Ghost Writer Just crankscrap out..lots. out..Both Ray

Why Fort Myers, Florida Temp Agencies Suck so bad!

Start sweating Robert Half.

Doo-Wopp Food Corner..No way!!

A memeory from about the time period of say..Goodfellas. to Ah Jersey Wopps bar-b-queing Sausige & Peppers plus Doggs and burghers and make hand cranked home made made lemon ices & cotton candy & rides and firecrackers and lighnighbugs and sparklers. spankings.ok. when it got this hot at in my town they did it. : This was in Berkeley Heights N.J. 07922 :) circa '64-71 Summers of Love.
They had the fair ! At the Mt. Carmel hall Fireworks display.. July 14-15 and 16th checked . They still do!!- - I looked it up on the internet tubes. nay the above link is Not Sponsered, Hope they link to me back.

Tuesday, June 19

I need feedback!!

And advice and tips and comments. I have a good idea on how to go about this..but I never dreamed I would even get this far...what if I ..had help?? This is my first attempt at blogging (running,creating content, administrating, editing the whole Hearst thing)..and i'm the only fool i know who does it apart from cyberspace....If you are an expereincde blogger , writer or publisher or have editing or even proofreading experience I may soon have a job for you.At the least i have questions. if ya have your own blog please email me at

Donaciones may also be sent via snail mail, if you are are a venture capitalist..pig LOL :)


I'm fond of things you can do with words. As fan of Noam Chomsky Georege Orwell AND George Carlin..they see thru what i love to call "reverse definitions" They are cool er hot er nevermind.words... If your not familiar with linguistics you have no idea what I am speaking about.. No matter I will edify. Remember the dept of defense USED to be the War dept. Which term is more accurate??

Favorite Blogs that inspired these rantings...

favorite fact checking media stomping monster..good ole c&l . God Bless you John Amato. ( Hope this constitues as an acknowlwgement and im allowed to link..if not someone will let me know..over there I'm not Ghost Writer it's burningbush (google it for fun!!) please check out . the antidote to Rush- Fox syndrome.....

Formica for congress???..he's really lost it...

Do you know what congrssional district you even live in..who your senators are many time thes same family has had control of a seat? Why........ if you dont know ya should NOT be able to vote? IMHO Oh yeah Florida politics........ and my possible future run for congress..district14 florida..neeld was such a $%^&ing loser.and mack..I'm aceptin campain contibutions starting yesterday..peace..great concept really really a geat concept....hehe You knew the war was know they lied..... c'mon it's ugly it's scary but c'mon who they kidding??? Not happy 'bout it ..gav know i have an idea....Thanks George and BILL (Not who you think)

Daily Essay

Well this was an 11th hour idea may be my best ever. More on that later..right now build a outline..a skeleton if you will. A seed of content but it is the thought that ..counts. finish?? :P after some sleep. Rome was not completed in a single day.Dear god... language truly is a virus..Thanks Llaurie!! Thanks Noam and George. (Guess who they are for bonus points!!!) Im a gonna post some strange concepts aheres and have them challenged as well. Thats the whole point.i weouldnt put em on public display if i didnt really think it needed discussion....start with a daily essay..i used to hate this stuff..what the hell happened? im sure my friends are wondering this as well.....from north to south and east to west..from your tvset to the chandra and beyond (yeah i pinched a little from zone and limits sue me i dare ya)

My very own Blog

I have been on computers since before they were created. I'll explain this later I have created a lot of content for a google group but parts of it should be a blog random and not so random thoughts for-ever preserved on the net' Cyber imortality. Way cool.