Wednesday, July 21

Whitehouse is tuned in to FOX, tuned out to American people

The firing of Shirley Sherrod after discredited hatchet man Andrew Breitbart ran with edited video (yet again) of her speaking at a NAACP meeting, is more proof that the Obama administration is more concerned with pleasing Teabaggers and Conservatives than the Netroots Progressives that elected them. This is the same clown who pimped the edited the Acorn pimping video and caused the dismantling of that organization. As Rachel Maddow said, the Whitehouse needs to issue an apology and hire her back. As Bluegal said, she should sue the shit out of Breitbart for libel. Everyone was "snookered" by this liars video editing, the NAACP as well as the Whitehouse. Again I must repeat my self. DO YOUR FACT CHECKING BEFORE TAKING ACTION. It's what intelligent people do and what journalists used to do, and what Whitehouse staff definitely should be doing. At least I link to my sources and use the internet tubes and teh Google before I post.

Update 07/21/10
: They did the right thing: Per Huffpo
MORE: Agriculture Secretary Offers Sherrod New Job, ’She’s Been Through Hell

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