Thursday, May 27

Limited liability, unlimited funds.

Abe Lincoln said: "...Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth." Our country has become a Government of the Corporation, by the Corporation, and for the Politician, thanks in part to the Supreme Court's rejection of corporate spending limits. As long as Corporations have limited liability, unlimited funds to contribute and lobby with, Democracy will perish. Thank you SCOTUS, you've screwed the American people again. Five of you need to go back to law school.

“If the First Amendment has any force,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority, “it prohibits Congress from fining or jailing citizens, or associations of citizens, for simply engaging in political speech.”

Get this through your thick heads: Corporations as an entity are not citizens, and the First Amendment does not apply!! Corporations have non-disclosure agreements, dress codes, and various other restrictions on "free-speech". Whose supplying the crack up there?

Sunday, May 23


I made a home video of "Swamp" by The Talking Heads.
There are tons of videos out there to this song,
and I posted mine on YouTube and they don't have (much) of a problem,
and I doubt Sire Records/Warner Brothers does either,
but when I embedded it from YouTube, Google removed it
with out even an email notification. I compiled, edited,
added the audio, and produced it with Windows Movie Maker.
It's mine. On a blog with virtually no traffic.
The really annoying thing is Blogger and YouTube are both owned by Google.
Maybe I should remove all the Google Adsense ads. (That'll show 'em)
When I tried to view the "Terms of service", I got this:

Invalid request.

H'mm (stroking my chin) that's like making me sign a contract,
without being able to read it first. I don't think so.
There's more than one way to skin the cat.
Enjoy. Unless they yank it. If so go here.
I wonder if Andy Warhol was hassled by Campbell's® Soup.


I followed their exact instructions. I added a new page. It did not seem to work right. I became suspicious when the new page was a clone of my Home page. I tried to get help from Blogger help. I got none. I tried to post questions in the help forum and saw hundreds of frustrated users with issues with blogger not being addressed. They "cannot answer questions directly" and DO NOT EVEN MODERATE THEIR OWN HELP FORUM. THANKS BLOGGER.
YOUR BROKEN "STAND ALONE" PAGE FEATURE MADE ME DELETE 2 YEARS OF WORK! I was just trying to change the layout of what was supposed to be a separate page.
I am furious with Blogger since my blog is virtually destroyed now. I will post every day about how incompetent and uncaring the folks at Blogger help are. I gave them a D- in my original feedback. "Help us make help better" Now you get a "F" for Fuck you.

Thursday, May 20

"(Then Came The) Last Days Of May"

According to Buck Dharma, "(Then Came The) Last Days Of May" is the true story of three collegiate drug dealers who went to Tucson to score for the fall semester. They were ripped off and shot. While two of the guys died, the other survived to testify against the perpetrators, who were two young men from a notorious wealthy local family. They apparently served about ten years in prison before being released." Since the end of May is approaching and Buck is my "Guitar hero of the month" I thought the post appropriate. Lyrics link

Tuesday, May 18

Gulf oil slick video shot by amature

This video was shot by Alabama resident John Wathan.
The Governor of Texas Rick Perry blames God for the Oil Spill.

I guess this is true for Grand Old Petroleum.

is their GOD.

Governor Perry, secede from the United States whenever you want,
as long as you go with it. This is the worst Man made disaster in history.
It could have been prevented with a $500,000 safety valve. Don't blame it on God.
Blame it on greed. I was sick watching the video. I was sicker after hearing
the Governor's comment. They say the floating rig was "Cutting Edge Technology"
The problem with "Cutting Edge Technology" is often you get cut.

Sunday, May 16

Liberal and Proud of it!

Main Entry: lib er al
Function: noun
Date: 1820
: a person who is liberal: as a : one who is open-minded or not strict in the observance of orthodox, traditional, or established forms or ways b capitalized : a member or supporter of a liberal political party c : an advocate or adherent of liberalism especially in individual rights

Idea and bumper sticker blatantly borrowed from AMERICAblog

Wednesday, May 12

Boil him in oil!!!

Ken Salazar illustrious Secretary of the Interior is a crony of the Bush/Cheney oil robber baron crowd. Why has this man not been fired?! His department gave the go ahead on the BP, Haliburton petro-volcano spewing forth into the gulf waters with no end in sight. Salazar was part of Cheney's secret energy task force. (Read: Deregulate everything and you'll get a lot of $$$) Salazar was on every network last night, telling how he was going to break up the MMS. He's a stooge of the Oil industry and has no business regulating.
Mr. Obama you should have swept him out along with the rest of the Bush/Cheney trash. Oh Mr. President you promised change, but when you are the largest recipient of BP contributions, and advocated more offshore drilling just a week before the disaster, it just business as usual in D.C. What's next an Oil lobbyist for Secretary of State?
Last I just want to say: I'm baaack!