Friday, November 5


"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever." George Orwell - "1984" You've seen the moveon supporter getting foot stomped by Rand Paul's thugs. 1984 is one of the 2 scariest books I ever read. The other is "Atlas Shrugged"
To quote Leonard Cohen "I've seen the future baby it is murder"
Anti-Flag - WELCOME TO 1984


  1. On the subject of Ayn Rand, thought you might enjoy some extra reading:

  2. @kathequa I've never been one for censorship but these Randians that worship "Atlas Shrugged" are killing the world. If any book should be burned it's that one. And it's was a really crappily written story to boot.
    I loved your post on Ayn Rand :)

  3. I picked up "Atlas Shrugged" a few months back after having choked it down years ago, just for a refresher. Needless to say, I could not finish it. And you are SO right - it's not even written well. One big piece of crap written by someone clearly scarred by her upbringing in desperate need of therapy to learn how to let go and move on. The victim is such a warm and comfy role.
    And the worship of that book is grotesque.
    Glad you liked the post. I thought the info on her serial killer fascination was quite interesting and telling.

  4. @kathequa I had never read 1984 but always wanted to. I like stuff written by linguistics experts (like Chomsky) as their mastery of language allows them to cut thru the BS (doublespeak). A friend loaned me a copy about a year ago and it's been one of my favorites. I notice it in your profile so the original post was a bit of an homage.


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