Tuesday, October 26

Do bailed out banks, BP, and TeaParty candidates Ad's belong on a Progessive blog?

This is a Progressive Blog??

Recently, what was once my favorite blog in all the blogosphere, John Amato's Crooks & Liars, underwent an overhaul. Everyone raved about how great"The new C&L" was. But like the the child in the "The Emperor's new clothes", I saw it was garbage. The old site had integrity and a great layout.
The new site is a train wreck three column job, with 2 columns dedicated, to corporate sponsors and wrapped in the flag.
The kind we blog about being evil. Bailed out banks, BP, and even Teabagger Christine O'Donnell. (I keep expecting to see a Xe ad there next) When I had the balls to comment I thought the new website design sucked on many levels, when I suggested C&L had gone "Corporate", I was personally attacked for my web skills. (HaHahahaha), by an attack dog named Andy K. Coward that he is. He has a "Protected account" so I cannot even block his cowardly personal attacks on my Web savvy. After 8 years of posting I was treated like a troll. His attack: Assumptions that I was too stupid to use Mozilla and Adblock. (HaHaHaHaHaHa)
I am a major contributor at CNET and beta test more web apps than you will ever read about. As for Jane Hamsher at FDL. at least she has a decently laid out site and does not run ad's from the same scumbags we blog about. She could even teach you a thing or 2 about basic web design principles.
I now do enable my adblock at C&L because a banner ad at C&L, ran a malicious script. Glad you got that upgraded bandwidth John. Your readership is at it's lowest level ever. I am posting 2 ad's from C&L today. No webby award this year. I hope it was worth it.
C&L Upgrade=Fail. Protected Posters ability to reason/act civil to dissenting viewpoint=Fail.
burningbush and the facts=win
There are still good posts and of course Bluegal.
But John you have to have some say over what ad's run on your site, or the site just looks stupid. (When I do turn off adblock and see a BP ad, I throw up in my mouth a little)
Oh and Andy K: Your taste in music sucks so even your latenight posts blow.

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