Wednesday, December 8

Frank Zappa - Keep It Greasy #Zappadan

Well there is no escaping it.
I am continuing my Zappadan postings.
Assholes and taking it rectally are the order of the week.
President Obama had the audacity to bitch at his base
and at Keith Olbermann who called him out on his bullshit.
Maddow and Tom Tomorrow called him out too.
Seems like the President ONLY gets angry with his base.
To the GOP he rolls over and plays dead, caves, and capitulates.
Mr. President, it IS a sign of weakness.
As a 99%'er I get nothing from this sorry deal.
Scratch that I will be getting a tax increase. My only advice at this point is to
Keep It Greasy
, cause for the foreseeable future we will be taking it anally
from both parties. Unless you're rich and not reading this anyway.
The upside to my hindside is the more the President screws us,
the easier it's getting to find appropriate Frank Zappa songs.
I pray someone in the Senate will stop this. Happy Zappadan!!

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