Monday, November 29

Govt cockroaches run for cover after latest Wikileaks release

They are already calling it "Cablegate".
They started the damage control a week ago.
Diplomatic cables show we spied on our allies and Diplomats are spies.
Hillary Clinton decries wikileaks latest dump as "An attack on the world"
Cockroaches don't like it when you shine a light on them.
God bless Wikileaks. The truth shall set us free.
Big Brother has a Bigger Brother watching.

To the Shadow Governments of the world: Everybody Knows.
Update1: Wikileaks next target: The big banks.
I love Oliver Willis but his article on Wikileaks=Fail(ure to read the cables)
Update 2: The man who leaked the Pentagon Papers on the Vietnam war,
Daniel Ellsberg, has given his backing to Wikileaks.
Sweet Jesus Oliver, you're on the wrong side of this. Orwell said:
During times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

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