Saturday, November 20

No Politics Sunday

Every-time I hear Stereolab I feel like I am being filmed in technicolor/panavision like a European film circa 1968. So Continental.
All pastel colors and winding roads though the countryside. Wearing an ascot tie and driving an Aston Martin. No Politics Sunday is something I am trying out. All the blogs will be covering the Sunday News shows. If you must visit one of the links in my blogroll, or follow my tweets. Me, I'm having another croissant and an espresso while I watch the ducks play. Coffee's ready.
Stereolab - Percolator

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  1. I think this was brought up before, but I loves me some Stereolab. Thanks - it's nice to listen to, and I agree, it's like going back in time a bit and definitely in the Aston Martin. Since it's No Politics Sunday, I will respect. Thanks for the sizing comment. I usually resize youtube videos, but I was in a hurry, and that particular one was kind of weird on sizing, so I waited to fix. It's still a little off. Anyway, no need to apologize, and suggestions and comments are always appreciated. Have yourself a great Sunday!


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