Wednesday, December 15

Frank Zappa - Plastic People #Zappadan day 11

From Absolutely Free released in 1967.
I don't usually care for the older, Mother's stuff.
Recording quality is poor and although there is some funny
and experimental music, I prefer Franks's later stuff.

The political tie in today; is that centrist, moderate liberals,
have been bashed in the media, on blogs, and in the twitterverse.
We are purists. We are too tough on our pragmatic, chess playing President.
"I know it's tough to defend an unpopular policy every once in a while"
Sorry, but our "Progressive president" is so far to the right at this point
as to be unrecognizable as a Democrat. (Reagan was farther left)
Attacking his base with a (never before seen) anger that should have been reserved for Republicans, and then spouting Reaganomic talking points.
The Audacity.!!!

(Your base is still waiting for that apology from you and Bobby Gibbs, Barry)
Bringing Bill Clinton onto the stage while he and Michelle,
went to a fucking party, added insult to injury.
(Who the hell has a X-mas Party prior to Dec 15?)
I want the guy I voted for, not a talking inaction figure.
If I hear pragmatic one more time,
I'm gonna puke on my Hope and Change poster..
Mr. President, pissing on your base while caving in on issue after issue
is not pragmatic, unless by pragmatic you mean shameless and weak.
Like Bush pissed away the surplus, you pissed away your
political capital on that other shitty deal: Health Care Reform .
Maybe Howard Dean or Bernie Sanders can loan you a testicle.
Happy Zappadan Day 11! Plastic People,Obama now you're such a drag.


  1. "Don't" "Usually" "Care" for the "Older" "Stuff?"

    The older stuff WAS the Mothers.

    By 1971, it's like Van Hagar. Except everyone BUT David Lee Roth is replaced. The band has the same name, but...

  2. Thanks for the comment. 1967 I was 7 and not even into music. My first into to Zappa was Overnight Sensation, and I tend to like from that era thru Joe's Garage thru "You are what you is" The Mother's of invention (with a few exceptions) does not usually appeal to me. That's the Beauty of Frank's being so prolific. There is plenty fo material and almost every fan has different favorites.


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