Saturday, December 11

Frank Zappa - Camarillo Brillo #zappadan

I dedicate this posting to Senator Bernie Sanders.
For 8 hours and 37 minutes he "carried on without a comma".
I've never seen anything like it. The ADHD twitterverse was
mesmerized by little else. The man is a hero. If only the
President had ONE of Sen. Sanders testicles we'd be better
off. This WAS a filibuster. This was ideals, courage and
endurance. The song is silly but all I could think of
watching the filibuster unfold and the twitterverse's reaction
was "and carried on with out a comma" Sen. Sanders you are
someone we should know. Sanders stripped away the rancid
poncho that was the Obamblican tax cut deal.
From "Overnight Sensation" - Camarillo Brillo
Happy Zappadan day 7!! H/T to The Political Carnival

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