Monday, December 13

Watermelon in Easter Hay - #Zappadan day 9

It's been a great week for Zappadan. The Zapadan Post at
Ketchup is a vegetable puts mine to shame. Check it out.
I learned things about Frank that I never new.

One of my favorite songs ever is Watermelon in Easter Hay.
The REAL title of this song is
'Playing A Guitar Solo With This Band Is Like
Trying To Grow A Watermelon In Easter Hay'
And that's where it came from."
It's super sad because if you are familiar with the libretto,
it is Joe's last imaginary guitar solo.


This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER. Joe has just worked himself into an imaginary frenzy during the fade-out of his imaginary song. He begins to feel depressed now. He knows the end is near. He has realized at last that imaginary guitar notes and imaginary vocals exist only in the mind of the imaginer. And ultimately, who gives a fuck anyway?! Excuse me. Who gives a fuck anyway? So he goes back to his ugly little room and quietly dreams his last imaginary guitar solo.
Happy Zappadan day 9
From Joe's Garage Act III - Watermelon in Easter Hay

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