Saturday, November 21

The Audacity of a Dope

Can this woman be any dumber? She is still blaming Kaie Couric for those "Gotcha questions" and after over a year the only things she claims she reads is "Newsmax" , "The Wasilla Times and the WSJ. The accusations she made against Nora and Steve of the McCain campaign have all been refuted. She confused the bank bailouts with the stimulus program. The book is only 415 pages and has only 5 chapters with no index. (Even her ghostwriter is lazy) This woman is an on going joke and her supporters are low information voters who don't read either. (I.E Bush supporters) She repeats the same failed idea's of the GOP: Lower taxes lower taxes. That strategy has been disproved. It failed for St. Ronnie (Reagan) and it did not work well for Bush. The problem is corporate tax breaks do not get reinvested; they end up in risky investments and off-shore accounts.