Wednesday, September 15

Alan Grayson Calls Guilliani out on his BS.

The Exceptional exception:
from the Exceptional Congressman from Florida

Wednesday, September 8

Want a Job? Better Vote Dem in Midterms

It's hard to get excited about Mid-Term elections,
especially if your a Progressive and feel the President's
actions haven't exactly matched his speeches.
But make no mistake; if the G.O.P. takes back control,
things are going to only get worse. Much worse.
Except for Wall Street.

Tuesday, September 7

Belated Labor day Music -STYX

The perfect song for the unemployed for Labor day (belated)

Give me a job, give me security give me a chance to survive
I'm just a poor soul in the unemployment line
my god, I'm hardly alive
my mother and father, my wife and my friends
I see them laugh in my face
I've got the power, and I've got the will
I'm not a charity case

Monday, September 6

Bill Maher proves the Tea Party is a cult

Stolen from the new remodeled /snark Crooks and Liars,
who pinched it from Real Time with Bill Maher.
It is sad to name your (bowel) movement after Taxes
when you know nothing about the current state of taxation.
Truth is St. Ronnie raised taxes, Obama has lowered 'em