Wednesday, December 29

Fox compares Assange to a pedophile

Actually they said he is worse than a pedophile. Of course they were unable to name a single person hurt by the leaks, and completely lied about the Secretary of State's position.
How many people have been killed or hurt by Fox news lies?

Projecting again, the Fox propaganda network attempts to smear
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for selling his autobiography.
They conveniently forget about their own sex criminal Bill O'Reilly and his sick
perversions with falafel. (Quote no. 4) Alan Colmes, is easily able to destroy
Bill-O's stunt double, by explaining, that Jualian Assange selling his biography is pure Capitalism.
Why is Fox against free markets and Capitalism? Watch the video. I don't agree with Colmes on Obama calling the Philadelphia Eagles about Michael Vick. As far as I'm concerned, the President should not have wasted his breath on this waste of skin. 19 months for dog torture..too lenient.
H/T to Mox News

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  1. Faux News really doesn't think pedophiles are nearly so bad as people with courage and integrity.


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