Tuesday, December 7

Broken Hearts Are for Assholes #Zappadan

I did not mean to start an "asshole" theme here.
(see previous post) I vowed I would post at least one
Frank Zappa song a day though Zappadan.
Doing this and tying it into the days event's is harder than it looks.

Some people, heh, some people have been whining about Obama
caving in on the tax cut dea
l. (I resemble that remark)
Some people, heh, some people, feel the President hasn't lived even
close to the campaign hype.
Some people, heh, some people say he's not a true progressive,
with his endless capitulating to the right, and failure to do a lot
more to support progressive issues.
I for one care less for him.
We know it woulda been a lot worse under McAlzheimer's and
Snowflake Snookie, but the honeymoon is truly over and we
are left with a broken heart. Of course he's promising to fight
to repeal the tax cut's in 2012 -
When he's trying to get re-elected and with a GOP House majority.
Don't fool yourselves Dems...it's goin' right up yer poop chute.
For all the broken hearted Obama supporters.....
Frank Zappa - Broken Hearts Are for Assholes

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