Tuesday, November 30

Shut The Banks Down - Withdraw All Your Money

Shut 'em Down - Public Enemy
7th of December take all your cash off your account.
Eric Cantona (UK Ex Soccer star)
"We don't pick up weapons to kill people to start the revolution.
The revolution is really easy to do these days.
What's the system? The system is built on the power of the banks.
So it must be destroyed through the banks.
" H/T to C&L
Full statement HERE.
The Revolution will NOT be televised.
It will be blogged, emailed, tweeted, and posted on YouTube.

Monday, November 29

Govt cockroaches run for cover after latest Wikileaks release

They are already calling it "Cablegate".
They started the damage control a week ago.
Diplomatic cables show we spied on our allies and Diplomats are spies.
Hillary Clinton decries wikileaks latest dump as "An attack on the world"
Cockroaches don't like it when you shine a light on them.
God bless Wikileaks. The truth shall set us free.
Big Brother has a Bigger Brother watching.

To the Shadow Governments of the world: Everybody Knows.
Update1: Wikileaks next target: The big banks.
I love Oliver Willis but his article on Wikileaks=Fail(ure to read the cables)
Update 2: The man who leaked the Pentagon Papers on the Vietnam war,
Daniel Ellsberg, has given his backing to Wikileaks.
Sweet Jesus Oliver, you're on the wrong side of this. Orwell said:
During times of universal deceit,
telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act

Sunday, November 28

No Politics Sunday - Revisited

Last week I had decided I would not do any political posts on a Sunday.
I have rethought this and will attempt to embed some kind of song that embodies a political or ethical viewpoint. When this song came out I never thought years later I would be using it for social commentary.
Cities full of hatred, fear and lies.....
Withered hearts and cruel tormented eyes...
Scheming demons dressed in kingly guise....
Beating down the multitude and scoffing at the wise........
Waaaaaay ahead of their time: Rush - A Farewell To Kings

Saturday, November 27

News Flash! Trickle down economics doesn't work!!

From Talking Points Memo: Warren Buffet want's you to raise his taxes.
Truth is Corporate profits are at record highs, and none of that money is being used to create jobs, hire or increase pay. Trickle down economics has never and will never work. Buffet and Gates are 2 of hundreds that tell it like it is: The rich got rich by being Americans and need to do their part. There is absolutely no logical reason to extend the Bush tax cuts.
But when has logic ever stopped a Rightwing talking point?
Was unable to embed as nicely as I would have liked.
Warning turn your volume down!

Thursday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving from SNL

It's important to give thanks, even when things aren't working out just the way you like them. I am very thankful this Thanksgiving for all my blessings, both seen and unseen. I will be having the traditional meal with my family and celebrating my birthday belatedly. (another family tradition)

Sarah Palin: We've got to stand with our North Korean allies

Kim Jong Ill will be glad to hear that one. He's waiting for your call Sarah.
It's easy to dismiss this as a simple gaffe, but I follow the quitter on twtter.
She says something moronic and ignorant at LEAST once a day.
Somebody buy the woman a globe - and use it as a ball gag.
H/T to Oliver Willis and C&L. Audio HERE.
Kim tells Sarah how he reere feels below.

Tuesday, November 23

"On any other day" by The Police

Well my birthday was not bad, at least not as bad as this guy's.
My eggs came out great, and my cat only nipped me in play.
Terrific Video to "On any other day" by The Police
The white Fender jazz bass and yellow Telecaster
are awesome details. The tea set is to die for.
Make sure you catch the chorus of "Happy Birthday" at the end of the song.
Update: From the video's producer, " I used Starwars figures"
Sting-Obiwan, Andy-Luke, Stewart-Han Solo
(I wondered why Copeland looked like Harrison Ford.)

G.O.P ignores history repeating itself

It's my birthday. I don't want cake. I want heads to roll.
Thanksgiving is coming and all the 99 per-centers are losing their benefits.
G.O.P. channels Marie Antoinette. People are living in tent cites.
Rewind: The French Revolution
France was broke and fighting 2 wars.
Their Men of hope and change just became "The man"
Grain hording by the rich. Sound familiar?
The parallels to today are amazing. Doesn't Newt Gingrich have a history degree?
Time to sharpen up the guillotines. Part I of III

Part II

Part III

Happy Birthday to Me

Sometimes you have to throw your own birthday party,
Give yourself a gift. Be the host and guest. The Ramones will be there.
The big 5-0. 1/2 a century. Happy Birthday to Meeeeee!

Monday, November 22

Open Letter to Connie Mack

This video shows Connie Mack celebrating his birthday on Fort Myers Beach.
Tomorrow Nov 23 I will celebrate my 50th birthday.
I am facing homelessness thanks to
Mack voting no on Unemployment Extensions.
Everything the host of this video says is bullshit.
Mack is NOT from here he lives in VA.
Connie Mack ignores the needs of District 14 because he runs
virtually unopposed every 4 years.
His family (dynasty) has held the same congressional seat since 1972!
Instead of helping the district he either does not vote or votes no on anything that would help. He rants about Hugo Chavez. He sucks. He's Republican and has no soul. Below the video is my letter I just sent via Congress.org

November 22, 2010
Dear Congressman Mack,

By voting no on extending unemployment benefits you have guaranteed the
further economic collapse of Cape Coral, and given the finger to your
constituents. I want to tell you what is going to happen as a result of
your vote. I and 3 other residents of this complex will become homeless.
My landlord who is struggling with a refinanced mortgage on this building
will default and lose the property they have owned for over 20 years. You
have consistently voted against the people in your own district and have
done nothing to help them. You run virtually unopposed every 4 years so I
understand why you don't care about us. How about another rant about Hugo

burningbush (actually my name was signed)

Saturday, November 20

No Politics Sunday

Every-time I hear Stereolab I feel like I am being filmed in technicolor/panavision like a European film circa 1968. So Continental.
All pastel colors and winding roads though the countryside. Wearing an ascot tie and driving an Aston Martin. No Politics Sunday is something I am trying out. All the blogs will be covering the Sunday News shows. If you must visit one of the links in my blogroll, or follow my tweets. Me, I'm having another croissant and an espresso while I watch the ducks play. Coffee's ready.
Stereolab - Percolator

Thursday, November 18

Killing in the name of - RATM

For all the Fox viewers, Teabagger racist morons, homophobes
and the rest of the sheep who voted just they way they told you.
God, Oil, Money - Killin' is just killin, no matter what it's in the name of

Sunday, November 14

What it will take to survive G.O.P. class warfare

99 percenters. Record Homeless.
Refusal to extend unemployment benefits.
Extending the Tax cuts for the rich.
Dismantling of Social Security and Medicaid.
No restrictions on Corporate campaign contributions.
No talk of cutting Defense spending.
Might be a little fatty and slimy, but slow roasted,
one fat billionaire can feed a family of 4000.
I ain't starving. Look out greedy rich motherfuckers,
you started it. This is war. Eat the Rich

Thursday, November 11

Meet the New Freshman Class of Extremist Members of Congress and Senate

F*ck Tea! Elitists drink Tea with their pinkies in the air.
I'm a real 'murikan; I drink my COFFEE black.
Meet the TeaBaggers: Undoing 60 years of progress.
Join People for the American Way and Fight Back.

Tuesday, November 9

Sarah Palin described in 3 words: Dumber than Bush

Sarah's latest: Baking cookies for school kids. During a debate over sweets being served in a PA school. Less sugar in schools is GOOD thing, a little less 'cane and half the kids won't need Ritalin or get diagnosed (incorrectly) as ADD, or be obese, or suffer from diabetes. Claims "Nanny state run amok!" She should know: Shes' done such an outstanding job with her kids. (And hired more than a few nanny's instead of raising her own kids) Maybe she is like Reagan: He thought ketchup was a vegetable. She has John Ziegler apologizing for her. Call the Waaaaambulance! "Why are they targeting Sarah Palin?" It's easy and as someone who kills wolves from a chopper she should understand:
She paints a bullseye on herself. 3 words: Dumber than Bush
Update: Palin lashes out at WSJ - misquotes story. Bullseye!

Monday, November 8

Tax the rich, Feed the poor

I'd love to change the world - Alvin Lee and 10 Years after
The Republicans refuse to work with Obama unless
he leaves the Bush tax cuts intact.
Bill Clinton got us a surplus by raising taxes
AND cutting spending.
It's economics 101.
Alvin Lee had the answers in 1971.
I have had trouble trying to say what I want
to say in a post the last few days.
So I'll let 10 Years after say it for me.

Friday, November 5


"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever." George Orwell - "1984" You've seen the moveon supporter getting foot stomped by Rand Paul's thugs. 1984 is one of the 2 scariest books I ever read. The other is "Atlas Shrugged"
To quote Leonard Cohen "I've seen the future baby it is murder"
Anti-Flag - WELCOME TO 1984

Thursday, November 4

Bush admits he ordered waterboarding

What happened to "We do not torture" GW?
Can we please start the War crimes trials NOW?
Here's the clip of him lying right to you over and over.
"We do not torture" Now it's ‘Damn right’ "I personally ordered waterboarding"
This man has no soul and neither does the G.O.P.
You were right on one thing Dubya; History will judge you.
Update: Bush wants you to read his book to see if he gave the world
permission to waterboard Americans. Attn Matt Lauer: You're a pussy!

Wednesday, November 3

Be proud Floridians!

You voted away one of the greatest Congressmen ever: Alan Grayson.
You voted to kill Social Security by electing Marco Rubio.
And you elected Mr. Medicare Fraud as Governor, Rick Scott
Floridians: Our Governor is a known corporate criminal
you would not buy a used car from.
You are screwed. And you did it to yourselves.

Tuesday, November 2

Election Day!! I'll make it easy for you!

You may not be happy with the Dems, but if we go back to the old ways,
we are doomed. It's gonna take more than 2 years to clean up the mess of the previous 8. A quick reminder why. H/T to gratuitousprattle They really do Suck.

Monday, November 1

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32

Our Government tried to silence WikiLeaks.
They are back despite nefarious attempts to stifle their funding.
One of the most important websites on the internet,
because our Government has been so trustworthy so far...
Note to Sarah Palin, Andrew Brietbart and TeaBaggers:
This is what The First Amendment was designed to protect.
Try reading it before you open your mouths
and prove you know nothing about it.