Saturday, August 21

Why the Tea baggers have it wrong.

This week at Publix Supermarket: Lipton Tea Bags, 100 ct box, BOGO $3.95
$0.60 (Thats the tax) That's 2 boxes (200 bags) for $3.95 @.60 sales tax.
Hurry sale ends this week. 2 for 1

Wednesday, August 18


I blatantly stole this from News Corpse. The musical artist is Lily Allen.
I want (ordered{update received in green and love it!!})
one of those Tea shirts. Tea baggers are racist morons.
Now I'll shut up and you watch the F*cking video.

Monday, August 16

You support the Troops, I can't afford it.

The Wars are based on lies. The Troops are dupes.
Murderer's not Defenders of Freedom, but stealer's of life.
They are not hero's , there is no glory in battle.
The guy in this video, He has courage, he's a hero.
Most of the rest of our Troops are Oil Co. thugs whether they realize it or not.
If they want to defend us from all enemies of the state both foreign and domestic, they would start by fragging the nearest General or NCO cowboy, and move on to take over the banks, corporations and lobbyists that have destroyed America more thoroughly than Al-Qaeda ever could. They were not drafted, they volunteered. I am not a troop hater, I just think they got suckered. They kill civilian's. They brag about it. I got flamed for posting a similar comment on the YouTube site. I am sick of supporting the troops.
I just can't afford the bullets anymore, I'm broke.
Key Quotes "the rules of engagement in Iraq are a joke"
"This needs to end and we need to bring our soldiers home now"
Warning: The video below is graphic and horrifying.

Rise Against - Hero of War

Mega Update: Mission Accomplished!!!
McCain declares Bush Victory in Iraq!

Wednesday, August 4

The Future - Leonard Cohen

My unemployment has run out. My food stamps are gone. There are no job offers in the field I retrained in. I lost my car and my back hurts so bad I can hardly walk, let alone ride the bike. My friends, family, and Government have abandoned me. I have become a non-person. This may be my final post. Enjoy the new America. It's 1984