Friday, November 13

Donald Trump and the rise of fascism in America.

All these people are worried about about socialism. "Obama is a socialist, Bernie Sanders is a socialist." 

Most people have no idea what socialism even means, they have visions of hammers and sickles and cold war propaganda. While worrying and railing about socialism and and bashing Obama (who has been cleaning up the Republicans mess for the last 8 years, despite their continued obstruction) nationalism and fascism has creeped in.

"It can't happen here."

The fact that Donald Trump is even being considered the office of the presidency let alone the front runner shows that America has become a fascist country, specifically a fascist oligarchy.

Salon and The Week have already published articles asking the question is Donald Trump leading a proto-fascist movement?
I say no he's leading an actual fascist movement. All you have to do is switch out the word Jews for illegal immigrants.

Benito Mussolini once said that fascism could be better described as corporatism.

Thanks to Citizens United and the massive amount of corporate money controlling our elections, billionaires like the Koch brothers make our policies and laws for us. The little guys vote means nothing when the rich can dump millions and millions of dollars into supporting a candidate, when lobbying which should be called bribery is legal, when our country spends 54% of its discretionary spending on the military, solves no problems but creates giant profits for the oil industry and the military industrial complex, when people rally to continue to fly the Confederate flag, when xenophobic nationalists rise to power, when Wall Street profits are prioritized over the life of our only planet:

We're no longer living in a republic or a democracy. We are living in a fascist oligarchy.

It can't happen here?
It's already happened.

Why the fuck anybody would trust a fascist billionaire to be the leader of the free world? Fear.

So you ask me why I'm voting for a socialist in the next election?
Quite simply it's to combat fascism.

Sanders 2016