Sunday, December 12

No Politics Sunday - City of Tiny Lights #zappadan

King Crimson's Adrian Belew sings this one.
I think it's about the stupidity of getting wasted,
something Frank always thought was stupid.
I finally wised up.
No Politics today. It's so big, I'm so tiny.
Still trying to the process the weeks' political news.
For politics tied into FZ's music see my previous Zappadan posts.
It's over there. In the tiny dirt somewhere.
I don't know if it's a split guitar signal or Belew and Frank
playing in sync, but the dual lead is the silver liney.
Get your tiny pillow, tiny blanket and have some tiny cookies.

Stay away from the downers and the wine though. Happy Zapadan day 8
Tiny is as tiny do. From Sheik Yerbouti - City of Tiny Lights

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