Saturday, September 15

Eat the rich!

Conservative: It's what's for dinner.

You may have heard statements like this posts title from crazy lefties like myself.
It's just a metaphor right?

Remember "Soylent green is people"?

  I think cannibalism gets a bad rap, and hollywood is to blame. Human flesh is high in protein and has less hormones in it that your standard roast beef sandwich.
Our aversion and disgust with the idea of eating Raoul is a purely mental hangup.
It's just good nutrition,
and delicious too!

  If the powers that be insist on crushing the economy AND destroying our social safety net, eating the the rich
may be our only alternative to starvation. (Vegans don't start with me, you're just corn fed beef and quite tasty)
As absurd as this post is, keep this in mind:
One fat fuck conservative like say...Chris Christie or Rush Limbaugh, can feed a family of 4 for a year.*
Take note conservatives:
Americans ARE starving and running out of options.
Now if you will excuse me, I have to go soak some fava beans and chill some chianti. Fffffffff!

*With proper refrigeration and storage.