Sunday, November 14

What it will take to survive G.O.P. class warfare

99 percenters. Record Homeless.
Refusal to extend unemployment benefits.
Extending the Tax cuts for the rich.
Dismantling of Social Security and Medicaid.
No restrictions on Corporate campaign contributions.
No talk of cutting Defense spending.
Might be a little fatty and slimy, but slow roasted,
one fat billionaire can feed a family of 4000.
I ain't starving. Look out greedy rich motherfuckers,
you started it. This is war. Eat the Rich


  1. Don't know if you saw this, but I thought it was relevant to your post.
    It's so gross. There is such a disconnect. I have always maintained that political philosophy simplified is as follows:
    Democrats=we while Republicans=me.
    It's all about me. Where's my insurance? The poor? I don't give a shit.
    Alas, me haz the sadz.

  2. I pretty much read C&L daily. It was the inspiration for my blog. I just have more music and crappier writers. Unfortunately all the Dems are now corporately owned so now it's Democrats = me too. Mussolini accurately described fascism as "Corporatism". I don't see any way out but a "second amendment" solution. Scotus has killed Democracy and the Dem's just cave in for no reason anymore other than to serve "Their' corporate masters. Dem's just want your progressive vote, not your progressive agenda....
    Obama has turned out to be more to the right than Reagan. He'll never appease the right but by golly he keeps bending over for them.
    I'm gonna be sick....


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