Thursday, December 16

Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown - #zappadan Day 12?

With the repeal of DADT in the House, I decided to post,
with some hesitation, "Bobby Brown", from Sheik Yerbouti.
It just seemed appropriately inappropriate.
I support the repeal of DADT, so I hope if you're
gay and hear this you have a sense of humor,
and if you're gay and serving in the Military,
I salute your service. I just want you to come home.
Alive and in one piece.

Frank Zappa definitely did not discriminate.
He saw us

I remember being at a concert for some Rock band,
I don't know if it was Toad-O or not, Ill have to check it out.
But seriously I was at a concert (whose name I will not mention
because I really don't remember) before the show a group of people who had
never met before said event began discussing FZ.
Soon half the stadium was singing "Bobby Brown goes down" acapella.
You had to be there, just a random gathering of Zappa fan's,
and we all knew all the words. Happy Zappadan day 12?
Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown Goes Down

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