Monday, November 22

Open Letter to Connie Mack

This video shows Connie Mack celebrating his birthday on Fort Myers Beach.
Tomorrow Nov 23 I will celebrate my 50th birthday.
I am facing homelessness thanks to
Mack voting no on Unemployment Extensions.
Everything the host of this video says is bullshit.
Mack is NOT from here he lives in VA.
Connie Mack ignores the needs of District 14 because he runs
virtually unopposed every 4 years.
His family (dynasty) has held the same congressional seat since 1972!
Instead of helping the district he either does not vote or votes no on anything that would help. He rants about Hugo Chavez. He sucks. He's Republican and has no soul. Below the video is my letter I just sent via

November 22, 2010
Dear Congressman Mack,

By voting no on extending unemployment benefits you have guaranteed the
further economic collapse of Cape Coral, and given the finger to your
constituents. I want to tell you what is going to happen as a result of
your vote. I and 3 other residents of this complex will become homeless.
My landlord who is struggling with a refinanced mortgage on this building
will default and lose the property they have owned for over 20 years. You
have consistently voted against the people in your own district and have
done nothing to help them. You run virtually unopposed every 4 years so I
understand why you don't care about us. How about another rant about Hugo

burningbush (actually my name was signed)

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