Wednesday, December 22

Michael Moore on Rachel Maddow Live

Watch the entire live show. Rachel put me in my place for Obama bashing.
He's gotten a lot done and START looks like it's gonna pass.

"Rachel Maddow reviews the legislative accomplishments
of the past two years in the context of President Obama's
promises and personal priorities, and notes that the next 2 years
will be about defending what they've done from Republicans bent on reversal."

A clip from that show:
Michael Moore on Maddow Live at the 92 St. Y.
Moore explains why transparency is so critical:
We have been very, very naughty.
It's time to turn the lights on.
It's time for journalists to investigate.


  1. BurningBush -

    The problem I have (call me an Obama basher if you want, I don't mind) is that he has actually done very little leading on these issues. He has not used the bully pulpit very well or very often, so I feel the credit he gets for these successes have to be tempered by his effort.

    You want to recognize someone who has done yeoman's work? Look to Nancy Pelosi. Virtually all success of the last two years has been due to the way she managed the House, and Obama did not lift a finger to help her.

    Things crapped out in the Senate, of course, but Nancy delivered.



  2. You're right on TG. I did a lot of Obama bashing during zapadan. I just felt I needed to keep things in perspective. For me the big issues are Gitmo, Tax cuts, deficit. get out of Afghanistan. That's a quadruple fail for me.
    I really started bashing him after the tax cut deal when he went after his base. Seem's he only grows a pair when talking to US.


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