Saturday, December 18

Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart - Muffin Man

Yesterday marked the passing of Don Van Vliet A.K.A. Captain Beefheart.
Although I have posted this song elsewhere on this blog. I had to re-post it today in honor of The Captain. I actually think it was fitting for Zappa's "mutually useful but volatile" friend to pass during the holy season of Zappdan. I will not corrupt this post with any politics today. I do want to recommend you check out the Zappa interview with Dick Cavett at Mock, Paper, Scissors. Muffin Man was always one of my favorite Zappa solos and you can hear the Captain doing back up vocals, soprano sax, and madness towards the end of the tune. Now go arrogantly twist the sterile canvas snoot of your fully charged icing anointment utensil and - poot forth!
Happy Zappadan day 14!
Muffin Man

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