Friday, November 13

Donald Trump and the rise of fascism in America.

All these people are worried about about socialism. "Obama is a socialist, Bernie Sanders is a socialist." 

Most people have no idea what socialism even means, they have visions of hammers and sickles and cold war propaganda. While worrying and railing about socialism and and bashing Obama (who has been cleaning up the Republicans mess for the last 8 years, despite their continued obstruction) nationalism and fascism has creeped in.

"It can't happen here."

The fact that Donald Trump is even being considered the office of the presidency let alone the front runner shows that America has become a fascist country, specifically a fascist oligarchy.

Salon and The Week have already published articles asking the question is Donald Trump leading a proto-fascist movement?
I say no he's leading an actual fascist movement. All you have to do is switch out the word Jews for illegal immigrants.

Benito Mussolini once said that fascism could be better described as corporatism.

Thanks to Citizens United and the massive amount of corporate money controlling our elections, billionaires like the Koch brothers make our policies and laws for us. The little guys vote means nothing when the rich can dump millions and millions of dollars into supporting a candidate, when lobbying which should be called bribery is legal, when our country spends 54% of its discretionary spending on the military, solves no problems but creates giant profits for the oil industry and the military industrial complex, when people rally to continue to fly the Confederate flag, when xenophobic nationalists rise to power, when Wall Street profits are prioritized over the life of our only planet:

We're no longer living in a republic or a democracy. We are living in a fascist oligarchy.

It can't happen here?
It's already happened.

Why the fuck anybody would trust a fascist billionaire to be the leader of the free world? Fear.

So you ask me why I'm voting for a socialist in the next election?
Quite simply it's to combat fascism.

Sanders 2016

Friday, January 10

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

I just celebrated a year clean and sober 1/1/14. A year ago I was homeless for the 4th time. I have my own room for the first time in 3 years.


Although I am deeply involved in the sober community I do not believe a 12 step recovery program is the only path to recovery. Programs such as Smart Recovery are great for those who just can't get their head wrapped around the concept of a "higher power".  My own journey has been more about self empowerment than claiming powerlessness. In the A.A. "Big book" it says: "we tried to find an easier softer way but we could not."
So I searched the internet and literally found   "The easier softer way"  one of many websites that applies the tenets of Buddhism to recovery. I have found it very useful I hope that you do too.

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Wednesday, April 3

CDS Awareness Month

April is CDS Awareness month.
CDS or Carf Derangement Syndrome affects thousands of caretakers and behavioral health providers every three years. Symptoms include:
Obsessive compulsive cleaning and recleaning of rehab facilities in advance of accreditation inspections. Other symptoms include maniacal nonstop laughter or yelling for no apparent reason. There is currently no known treatment.
"Queen - I Want To Break Free" on YouTube

Saturday, September 15

Eat the rich!

Conservative: It's what's for dinner.

You may have heard statements like this posts title from crazy lefties like myself.
It's just a metaphor right?

Remember "Soylent green is people"?

  I think cannibalism gets a bad rap, and hollywood is to blame. Human flesh is high in protein and has less hormones in it that your standard roast beef sandwich.
Our aversion and disgust with the idea of eating Raoul is a purely mental hangup.
It's just good nutrition,
and delicious too!

  If the powers that be insist on crushing the economy AND destroying our social safety net, eating the the rich
may be our only alternative to starvation. (Vegans don't start with me, you're just corn fed beef and quite tasty)
As absurd as this post is, keep this in mind:
One fat fuck conservative like say...Chris Christie or Rush Limbaugh, can feed a family of 4 for a year.*
Take note conservatives:
Americans ARE starving and running out of options.
Now if you will excuse me, I have to go soak some fava beans and chill some chianti. Fffffffff!

*With proper refrigeration and storage.

Thursday, August 30

The three laws of Rombotics

1. A rombot may  injure a human being or, through inaction, downsizing or outsourcing, allow a human being to come to harm, as long as it results in profit or power.
2. A rombot must obey the orders given to it by mormon beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law or the tea party.
3. A rombot must protect its own existence by lying, hiding or any means necessary regardless of conflict with the First or Second or any other laws.

With apologies to Dr. A

Sunday, July 29

Should all churches be tax exempt?

Despite the name of this blog,
I am by no means a bible scholar or theologian.

Is Mormonism is a form Christianity and a valid religion? Some would say that all religions are cults.
Most evangelicals do not acknowledge the Church of  Latter Day Saints, as they do Judaism or other forms of Christianity.
Mormonism seems to me a relatively new schism designed to obscure the finances of a secret society.
(You may argue they all are)
It has little to do with scripture and the teachings of  Jesus.  The huge churches IMO are an offense to God. Churches should be humble; acquiring  real estate and wealth is  antithetical to Jesus's teachings.

The church of LDS holdings are incalculable. It's disgusting.
  Churches in our country are tax exempt, but I don't think the church of LDS deserves that exemption. Most churches don't, they are businesses, and should be taxed as such.

  Jesus would certainly rebuke todays churches:

Luke 18:23 (N.I.V.)

"Sell everything you have and
give to the poor, and you
will have treasure in
heaven. Then come, follow

I believe Jesus would like churches to have more garage sales and less bake sales.

I look forward to your comments.


Is this a church or a bank?