Friday, June 22


I love comic book heroes.
I love city of heroes MMOg.

At age 8 while sick ( I may have been faking ) I was giving a lecture ( lol i was given one i don't teach - yet) chicken soup and my first Detective comics- golden age or something i just started checking ebay.I have in my posesion a 25 anniversay edition of the Silversurfer (with cover art by and F-ing singed by George Perez (Park) and I have a $%^load of Fantastic Fours, best way to stay on top of marvel then was to follow SS and FF Two of Stans Lee's best. ( Spidey Meh!) My prized possesion...........I intend to give away along with my cheap ass $515 a month apt. (worth $850 if I ccould sub let) Next up. My Kung Fu is Strong!! The year of the Rat

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