Tuesday, June 19

Formica for congress???..he's really lost it...

Do you know what congrssional district you even live in..who your senators are ...how many time thes same family has had control of a seat? Why........ if you dont know ya should NOT be able to vote? IMHO Oh yeah Florida politics........ and my possible future run for congress..district14 florida..neeld was such a $%^&ing loser.and mack..I'm aceptin campain contibutions starting yesterday..peace..great concept really really a geat concept....hehe You knew the war was bull..you know they lied..... c'mon it's ugly it's scary but c'mon who they kidding??? Not happy 'bout it ..gav up..you know i have an idea....Thanks George and BILL (Not who you think)


  1. I gotta tella ya love yer blog. Looks like some C&L influence..More more ..Bravoooo

  2. Mack and Neeld..the most invisible race ever...Folks still thinks its the same Connie ..Dude had millions..Neeld a failed accountant (I'm sending this guy to DC?)who's lame AOL account is circa 1981..what are they doing clonning 'em....??? Mack had virtually unlimited funds..look it up..its out there...

  3. Please people teach yer kids civics the school you send 'em to stopped.


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