Tuesday, June 19

Daily Essay

Well this was an 11th hour idea may be my best ever. More on that later..right now build a outline..a skeleton if you will. A seed of content but it is the thought that ..counts. finish?? :P after some sleep. Rome was not completed in a single day.Dear god... language truly is a virus..Thanks Llaurie!! Thanks Noam and George. (Guess who they are for bonus points!!!) Im a gonna post some strange concepts aheres and have them challenged as well. Thats the whole point.i weouldnt put em on public display if i didnt really think it needed discussion....start with a daily essay..i used to hate this stuff..what the hell happened? im sure my friends are wondering this as well.....from north to south and east to west..from your tvset to the chandra and beyond (yeah i pinched a little from zone and limits sue me i dare ya)

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  1. You really should have a section and subsection for blogs that inspired this whole thing


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