Wednesday, June 20

Doo-Wopp Food Corner..No way!!

A memeory from about the time period of say..Goodfellas. to Ah Jersey Wopps bar-b-queing Sausige & Peppers plus Doggs and burghers and make hand cranked home made made lemon ices & cotton candy & rides and firecrackers and lighnighbugs and sparklers. spankings.ok. when it got this hot at in my town they did it. : This was in Berkeley Heights N.J. 07922 :) circa '64-71 Summers of Love.
They had the fair ! At the Mt. Carmel hall Fireworks display.. July 14-15 and 16th checked . They still do!!- - I looked it up on the internet tubes. nay the above link is Not Sponsered, Hope they link to me back.

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