Saturday, June 23

The 7 deadly sins

mine is still pride. I have become a atheist/agnostic/bhudist who follows the teachings of both christ and the bhudda. i gave up my car. (almost completly) Due to my deep moral objection to killing for any reason (God and Jesus Do not like it at all) But some greedy folks who have at least 3 of everything must consume and consume while browbeating you about their moral high ground Hypocrites. Liars. Cheater..and games they want me to actually play with them qwhen they have been caught cheatin..I have done it.. It turns my stomache..How do they I sleep just fine..I'm not a fucking killer in a preist robe. Your speeding us all to your own judgment day..shouldnt you get honest and come clean?? Sex and food and gas addiction..disgusting how folks in the glass house throw the freaking bricks..for my dear dear "friends" See my post on word twisting....Read some orwell you putzes.. Pigs 3 differnet ones.. (Please listen to Pink Floyd "Animals " me I am the dog.) Will post some more pleasant from a library in Tampa to day. I am going to get some and I dont need to pay or lie about it.$99 anywhere in the US. Go Greyhound and save a soldiers life. Dont ever get moralistic with me again.


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  2. Editors Note: I have completely abandoned the car at this time. I now only use less than a gallon of gas a week which means I am persanally killing less innocent iraquis..... When did the US become the Redcoats?? What about you?? Raymond F


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