Monday, July 30

The Oil Tanker and The Gun Runner.

Condoleeza Rice is the greatest oil lobbyist of all time. By her own words President Bush is her husband. Chevron/Texaco named a tanker after her. Click link for more on this (It’s since had its name changed). Never forget the business of foreign policy is .. business. Gates (no not Bill..Robert) is Rummy’s replacement. They announced they are giving military aid the the middle-east again, this from Bushes vacation home in Crawford. Another crook and liar with no plan other than to bring more guns and bombs to the table. For peace thru superior firepower. God help us. Why worry about Ney and Abramimoff and Libby when the SecState is the greatest oil lobbyist of all time. Wake up sheeple. It is and was about the oil.

Peace..a great idea whose time has come..again.


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