Sunday, July 8

"The Natural Mind"

I have been given grief by hypocritical (as opposed to hippocrratical) Drs. and Nurses about my so called Drug abuse. ( I used to use but I NEVER abused).

My father although many things in his life, went to school for pharmacology. I have always been interested in this subject. At the tender age 12 I inhaled (ahem) "Altered states of Conciousness" by Charles C. Tart . This book covers everything from dreaming to LSD. A terrific book on the subject. Another even more powerfull book on this is "The Natural Mind" by Dr. Andrew Weil, a medical doctor, former drug expert and ethnobotanist to name a few of his hats. I will never advocate or rag on drug use. This book is completly objective and makes a truly neutral case. I recommend it to anyone who has any preconceptions about foods, drugs and their effect on human conciousness and physiology. This is the best education for kids as well as parents on drugs and their use. Also one of the best books on concioussness ever written. Please take it out of your library or buy a copy and give it to a Dr. or Nurse you know. Please.


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  1. Also check out Dr. Andrew Weils "The guide to optimal health"

    This guy is the formeost authority on nutirition of the body and the spirit.



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