Sunday, July 1

Accusations- What a crock!

Recently i have been accused of ..A) Abusing drugs=False B) being insane= False C) And now get this i hear from a chkenshit afraid to confront me directly that i "Kicked a dog" = False this must be my loving idiot sister who still canot fax from her fing pc..Just get bent; I let mosquitoes feed off me rather than kill them. I ride a bicycle and now a brand new kawasaki Ninja 250R (West coast wants me to be a salesman) due to my moral objection to killing iraquis for a midevel fuel tech. None of you really bother to ever know get bent I have a million freinds..why..I always speak truth to power..the rest of ya..full of crap!! I am giving up on stupid unaware people and embracing my equals and betters ( not my lessers and inferiors..peace to all even the helped me self actualize. Peace to all mankind.

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