Friday, July 27

If Windows Vista was a positronic robot I'd have to use the electron gun...

Susan Calvert would never tolerate Vista.

Honestly..I warned them all that it was trouble. XP is the only version of Windows that is relatively easy to use. I advised (friends) not to purchase Vista systems... Unless you turn off user controlls it behaves like an unrully robot questioning every move you make..even shut down. I am unable to play (not copy) my owned dvd's with either Win Media player or win media center. Gateway wanted me to call Microsoft when per their agreement they have to support it. ( Microsoft caved in to my former employers..I cant say their name due to non disclosure agreement but I will eventually!!! [Soon Only Not Yet} the worlds largest electronics manufacturer) Avoid vista systems at all costs least till the 2nd or 3rd service pack..maybe never..stick to xp. The link explains why it's not ready for prime time in detail. Peace out


P.S> I havent even got into the Driver and gaming issues and why the current hardware is not sufficient to utilize the OS.

P.S.S Dell has opted to ship units with XP intead of Vista due to enormous customer requests. Good JOb Guys!! IMHO every time a new OS comes out BY LAW Microsoft should be required to config the system dual boot with the previous OS. Write your congressman.

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