Thursday, January 13

Surveyor Symbols and Blood Libel

Update: original image removed due to overwhelming readership requests. New image by Gary Larson is used with out permission. I had created an image. I was not advocating violence. It was in response to the Team Palin statement that the cross hairs on Sarah Palin's map, were surveyor symbols when her own tweets refered to them as targets. Congresswoman Gifford spoke out about these crosshairs after the healthcare vote, when her offices were vandalized. Whoopi Goldberg warned that what ever happened as a result of this map would be on the G.O.P.'s hands. The "don't retreat, reload" rhetoric. Yesterday the Blood Libel thing, (Sarah claims attacks from the left are a blood libel) when Congresswoman Gifford is Jewish. I pray for this woman that she will get off facebook and twitter and read the Word of God she claims to worship. Earlier in the week Barbara Walters said she felt sorry for Sarah Palin. The Twitterverse (myself included) was outraged at Walters. But now I feel compassion for Sarah Palin. I see a pattern much like G.W. Bush's. Whenever she speaks, is interviewed, tweets or posts to facebook it is almost always without proper research or understanding. She mangles sentences, statements and individual words. The pattern began as soon as she came onto the political scene. From Katie Couric's interview, to the VP debates,
(I mean she made Joe Biden look brilliant),
to her most recent video about the AZ shootings.
She's not mean, she's not racist, and most important, she's not responsible.
The Shooter Jared Loughner is. Sarah Palin is however, a poor decision maker, tasteless, tactless, ignorant, and unapologetic. In other words stupid.
And you can't fix stupid.
If you the reader are inspired by the above picture
to do anything stupid..... light a fart.
H/T to Mojo Nixon and RC.

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