Monday, January 24

Greatest Movie I never wanted to watch - Fight Club

I do not want to blog about KO today.
The greatest movie I never wanted to watch is "Fight Club".
When it came out it looked like a steroid and testosterone,
underground boxing movie. Well it sorta is, but it is so much more.
Little did I know it was one of the greatest counter culture,
zen, philosophical movies about transforming your life EVER.
Having gone through such a transformation a few years earlier,
I really related to the movie,  I just watched the movie again recently.
There are so many great quotes from the movie, I could write all day.
(Video after the jump)

"Only after we lose everything, are we free to become anything"
and "The things you own end up owning you",
are  the most Zen-Buddhist quotes from the movie. Maybe ever.
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It was only after my third viewing I realized that it was Meatloaf,
who played Robert, the man with testicular cancer from 'roid use
and giant boobs from his body over-compensating with estrogen.
Spoiler alert! Meatloaf dies in the the film. "His name was Robert Paulson"
I guess writing about "Fight Club" is breaking the first rule of "Fight Club"
Big H/T to  Fight Club Quotes Check it out it's a great blog.
Below is a video of "Comfort Eagle" by Cake with clips from the film.
It's a perfect match. Warning: may have subliminal sexual images..
"I am Jack's smirking revenge". 

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