Monday, January 3

Jasiri X - Republican Woman: Can we relate? Yes we can!

I'm an old white rocker from the 'burbs of NJ. Tony Soprano country.
My Mom and siblings are Brooklynites, Dad's side from Long Island.
Me, the baby was raised in suburbia.
The phrase "Keep it real" comes to mind.
I have never lived in the city.
I love most music but Hip-Hop has for the most part eluded me.
I don't want to read the Jay-Z dictionary.
I am what I am and I don't want to sound like Michael Steele.
MC's I have liked are generally East Coasters from Queens or Brooklyn.
I could understand them. I like Snoop even though I've never been to Cali let alone Compton. But I could understand him and he used to sample Funkadelic and Parliament who I love. But I couldn't relate.
There was no message for me.
Raps about guns, pimping, and gangsterism, (despite my being Sicilian),
had no meaning for me. I was not raised on the mean streets.
Rock & Roll during the Vietnam era was full of political awareness
that few contemporary bands possess.
Which brings me to Jasiri X. Rapitivist Extraordinaire.
The first song I heard (What if the Tea Party was Black?) was like a political blog commentary with a funky beat. His rhyming skills and "flow" are extraordinary. He observed that our media treatment of The Black Panthers and The Tea Party has an unfair dualism. This I could relate to!! One is considered subversive and the other (Ha) "Patriotic". His latest "Jasiri Xtra" can be viewed at His youtube channel here. Jasiri is intelligent, eloquent, humorous and does not suffer Republican fools lightly.
He is accessible.
I wish him the utmost musical success. When and if he branches out,
I hope it's not a fragrance or clothing line.
I would support his run for Congress.
Maybe he's just stating the obvious:
Republican women are crazy biatches.
"Republican Woman" was nominated by the
Pennsylvanian Progressive Summit for Video of the Year.
Watch the video below and then vote here.
Jasiri, Thanks for sampling "The Guess Who" and not Lenny Kravitz.
Republican Woman - Jasiri X

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