Sunday, May 23


I made a home video of "Swamp" by The Talking Heads.
There are tons of videos out there to this song,
and I posted mine on YouTube and they don't have (much) of a problem,
and I doubt Sire Records/Warner Brothers does either,
but when I embedded it from YouTube, Google removed it
with out even an email notification. I compiled, edited,
added the audio, and produced it with Windows Movie Maker.
It's mine. On a blog with virtually no traffic.
The really annoying thing is Blogger and YouTube are both owned by Google.
Maybe I should remove all the Google Adsense ads. (That'll show 'em)
When I tried to view the "Terms of service", I got this:

Invalid request.

H'mm (stroking my chin) that's like making me sign a contract,
without being able to read it first. I don't think so.
There's more than one way to skin the cat.
Enjoy. Unless they yank it. If so go here.
I wonder if Andy Warhol was hassled by Campbell's® Soup.

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