Wednesday, May 12

Boil him in oil!!!

Ken Salazar illustrious Secretary of the Interior is a crony of the Bush/Cheney oil robber baron crowd. Why has this man not been fired?! His department gave the go ahead on the BP, Haliburton petro-volcano spewing forth into the gulf waters with no end in sight. Salazar was part of Cheney's secret energy task force. (Read: Deregulate everything and you'll get a lot of $$$) Salazar was on every network last night, telling how he was going to break up the MMS. He's a stooge of the Oil industry and has no business regulating.
Mr. Obama you should have swept him out along with the rest of the Bush/Cheney trash. Oh Mr. President you promised change, but when you are the largest recipient of BP contributions, and advocated more offshore drilling just a week before the disaster, it just business as usual in D.C. What's next an Oil lobbyist for Secretary of State?
Last I just want to say: I'm baaack!

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